Riverside T stop shut after discovery of suspicious package

In addition to evacuating the trolley station, police also got people out of the parking lot of the office building next to the station.

UPDATE: Carl Stevens at WBZ tweets:

Riverside MBTA stop closed because of a coffee maker.



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I want

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that coffeemaker.

Just curious...

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If you were intending to blow some people up, would you really leave your bomb at an open-air mass transit stop? Would that be the best use of your bomb?

Of course, if you're just intending to inconvenience a whole bunch of people and cause all sorts of unnecessary panic, then it turns out this is a perfect plan...

Security Lupus

It isn't the threat of assault or even assaults that are killing us, its the autoimmune response to nonspecific insults.

*Love* it!

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I'm going to have to borrow that analogy, Swirly. :)

This keeps happening

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The T has to stop shutting down stations every time some harried or scatterbrained commuter inadvertantly leaves a package behind.
Likewise, before you start calling police, take a closer look at that slightly vague object you see a person carrying that you think is a gun and see it is an umbrella. Especially if it's raining. Umbrellas don't really look that much like guns, and black-clothed people walking down Huntington Ave. when it's hot out aren't terrorists. What a nation of skittish buffoons we have become.

Dammed if you do Dammed if you don't

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The police are doing their job, the only problem I see is if the Transit Police had to respond all the way from their station in South Boston wasting valuable time when Newton or MSP could have handled the incident