Ruggles repentance reminder

Repent, ye Orange Line sinners!

Melissa J. Gibson spotted Repent Now Man on the Orange Line.

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Jesus Nerd

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with his big cardboard sign and pamphlets took up too much space on the Green Line Friday so I walked to the next car muttering "f*cking Jesus"

Satins Subway

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Thank God for Repent Man every time i descend into the Subway and board an orange line train surrounded by gangbangers and the dregs of society i pray for salvation


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but you're a god damned moron.

I think I see your problem

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You seem to have confused Satan with satin and the subway with Subway. This might explain why you have such a hard time using public transportation (and probably with certain über-smooth finishes as well).

Satins Subway?

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What about the silk or wool subway?

*shakes head*

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I mean REALLY.. I love these guys who walk around all day long doing this. Do they get paid? How do they support themselves? There's a guy in downtown crossing I see alot (skinny white guy).. and you can tell he's not all there upstairs, if you know what I mean.

Makes me wonder who's paying for him...

Plus do these people think they are effective? It mean they are almost as effective as Jehovah's Witnesses passing out their AWAKE magazines.

Im all for religious freedoms but sheesh is this what your life has turned into for God?

Yeah, doesn't make sense to me either

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I mean, I get that people who believe in evangelical theology believe that salvation from eternal damnation is possible only through belief in Jesus as one's savior, so I get that they feel a call to make the world better through teaching others about Jesus.

But my understanding of the overarching Christian theology is also that the Christian bible has a number of cautionary tales about what happens when one doesn't take care of one's family and community in tangible real-time ways, and neglecting one's present life doesn't bode well for the afterlife either. It seems that there needs to be some balance as far as also living one's life in a Christ-like fashion and walking around carrying a sandwich board.

(Also, being a shrink-type person, I know that it's not terribly effective to change people's worldviews through carrying around signs, shouting at people, judging them, etc. People who do change their faith orientation do it through normal and genuine relationships with people of a different faith that then becomes appealing to them.)

((Still, dude isn't hurting anyone. His signs aren't calling out specific people or behaviors as sinners and I'd say it's a rather universal message that we're all sinners and need to repent, whether that's to G-d, the universe, the planet, fellow humans...))


I have never seen this man,

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I have never seen this man, but the old white guy is the one I see everywhere. Have you ever actually taken one of those pamphlets? They're pretty hilarious.

I haven't seen her in a while...

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But does anyone remember the fake nun? She was a fixture around DTX and the Government Center T stop for years. An obviously mentally unbalanced woman, dressed like a nun (usually in brown), sort of bowing and chanting and soliciting donations, something about "the Blessed Mother of the Sacred Heart of Jeee-susss". I'm not sure what she did with the money she got, but she always seemed to have a wide array of acoutrements, religious iconography, etc.

Save me, Jebus!

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Save me, Jebus!

Preaching to captive audiences aboard MBTA vehicles

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is illegal and should be enforced. This guy regularly boards the Silver Line in the South End and screams a sometimes anti-Semitic and homophobic homily at the passengers. It gets old quickly and the drivers do nothing to stop it.


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Didn't know that. I've just seen him standing there quietly with his sign.

The MBTA is private property, right? I've seen people kicked off buses basically for having mental illness (muttering nonsense stuff, but not directed at anyone in particular). Why are they not saying anything at all if this guy is making personal attacks? (And in a premeditated fashion, one can argue, since he has a sign...)


oh man

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i see him all the time!

i believe he's haitian.

i saw him walking down washington street one time in the driving rain, yelling his customary chant, JESUS THAVE! JESUS IS WOAH! JESUS THAVE! JESUS IS WHOA!

Jesus saves! Jesus is Lord!