Russian social club in Allston gets permission to turn into part-time restaurant

The Boston Licensing Board today gave the Russian Benevolent Society, 14 Linden St., permission to serve dinner and liquor Thursday through Sunday night.

At a hearing yesterday, society lawyer Richard Vetstein said the move will not only help the club financially but give Russian immigrants in Allston and Brighton a chance to mingle and enjoy a taste of home.

Under the society's old club license, it could only open to serve meals and liquors for functions.



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Good to hear. The ACA

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Good to hear. The ACA actually voted against it, though, in a somewhat close vote last month.

ACA and their votes

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What was ACA's argument against this Russian club? are there too many Russian clubs around? is Allston turning into a colony of drunken Rasputins all of the sudden?

The only somewhat

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The only somewhat comprehensible complaint was about the conversion of the liquor license from a club license into a general license: they felt it could be possible that the owner would then sell it to someone else and add to the general pool of liquor licenses in the area.

Why that might be a bad thing, I am not sure.

Anyway the vote pretty much split as usual on these matters: old vs young.

Of course they did

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How could they not?

Thanks for the correction; that'll teach me to try to write something (even just a short little something) without looking at my notes.


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It's cute that you think Russians are a "small ethnic group" in Allston and Brighton.