Scary sight at local supermarket

Halloween, already?

I was not ready to be confronted with this when I walked into the West Roxbury Shaw's yesterday (it was right at one of the entrances). To paraphrase our own Suldog, "Labor Day comes first!"



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Another good reason not to buy candy...

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I'm pretty sure those boxes have been sitting in the back since last year. Even if they're fresh, that means the candy has a *minimum* shelf life of THREE MONTHS! The only non-canned food you should want to eat after three months of sitting on a shelf is beef jerky, hard tack, or MREs. Then, imagine the little old ladies who buy this stuff now and take it home and put it in their unrefrigerated back porch pantry through the August heat. Yum. Trichinosis or treat!

old boxes

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Use your brain they probably used the boxes to hold the candy.


This is Shaw's - this isn't last year's candy at Job Lot.

They don't store this stuff - it turns over fast, and then they clear it out at a cut price or send it down the retail food chain to make room for Xmas candy.

And dear god, why would they spend the time to put it into old boxes? It comes in those boxes.

This is incident halloween not prevalent halloween candy.

I just poe's law'd you

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Sorry, I should have ended that with a winking smilie.

I thought it was sufficient to suggest that you should want to eat hardtack...

arent those leftovers from

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arent those leftovers from last year?!
but i dont think there is necessarily something wrong with that, as commenter #1 writes. in the old days, they used sugar to preserve food. for example, at a 62% concentration of sugar, bacteria cannot survive... :D (people however, will just get fat.. buuh)

You have to wonder..

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..if there really has been a through, accurate study done of the return on putting seasonal things our 3 months early. Particularly as opposed to losing shelf space for current season items. We still have a lot of barbecues to go - including the labor day biggee!

I'm sure we will get more reminders

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Halloween is only three months away. Halloween, that excuse for grown people to act like complete idiots. Start getting your costumes ready, all you grown people.


Now I can't take WarriorGirl to the grocery with me.

Isn't it supposed to be "Back-to-School" until Labor Day? Right now, the local CVS is filling up shelves with binders and notebooks. I have to go to Shaws and Stop&Shop this weekend, dammit!

We have a simple rule at our house: seasonal candy only (yes, jelly beans and lollipops work in all seasons). So first School starts, then it's her birthday, and then (and only then) is it Halloween. GRRRRRR.