Scott Brown's heartbreaking decision to pose nude for Cosmo

OK, so Dems get predictably outraged about Scott Brown's public desire to not see Elizabeth Warren naked, but Republicans might want to find a better way to respond than praising Brown's decision to pose nude for a sex-advice rag as an example of an agonizing decision he courageously made.



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    Adam, was your account hacked by Mr. Anonymous? This has nothing to do with the goings on in the hub.

    Now if he had hacked my account ...

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    He would have made sure to include a copy of the photo. That the post doesn't have it is your assurance of quality :-).

    The 2012 election does have a Hub connection in that we get to vote in it, although, granted, I haven't posted a whole lot about it (some, anyway). I wasn't planning on posting anything about Brown's lame crack about Warren's bod, to be honest, until I saw that Politico article (linked from Blue Mass. Group), and it set off my Stupid Alarm. And I'm all about the Stupid.

    Refreshing piety

    I prefer to think of Brown's utterance as a refreshing demonstration of piety:

    "I thank Almighty God for making Elizabeth Warren so much smarter than He made me. She was able to be the top debater in the state of Oklahoma and win a full scholarship to George Washington University thereby. If He'd made her as dumb as I am, she'd never have gone to college, because her disabled janitor father didn't have the money for Tufts, like my insurance executive father did."

    <SNL voice> Really? </SNL voice>

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    She makes one low-brow comment, he makes one low-brow comment back, and this is a huge scandal?


    The most important thing both sides has to talk about is sophomoric humor on the other side?


    I mean, it's not like unemployment, taxes, and banking regulation are important topics facing the commonwealth and voters currently.


    They're even on this little insult jab-fest folks. Nothing more to see here. Move along. (Sigh. If only.)

    She got asked at a town hall

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    She got asked at a town hall meeting about it and said "I kept my clothes on. I borrowed money." I.e. she was fairly diplomatic and polite about the situation. Brown, in return, decided to be a dick to her. He could have let it slide. He didn't.

    Granted, this is the guy who has the thinnest skin of any politician currently out there, but this is a new low even for him.

    So Small, So Petty

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    Saw the pic on ABC and man is this white boy tiny. He can't possibly wear the pants in his family!!! Lol!!! Nothing there!!!!

    Heartbreaking? Nude? Sex-Advice Rag?

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    Other than you Adam, who else described Brown's decision as "heartbreaking?" Are there nude modeling pictures of Brown out there, or just the ones where any body parts that could be deemed offensive are covered? Is Cosmopolitan, available to all ages at your supermarket checkout aisle, a mere sex-advice rag, or is that just when Scott Brown is being targeted?

    The media's agenda is most revealing (pun noted) when Senator Brown is vilified for responding to a cheapshot inititated by the far-left's annointed candidate. Thankfully, media bias plays well for Brown. See the Globe's last minute "poll" that had Coakley ahead by 15% last time. Keep it up!

    Sex rag it is

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    Take a look. I can't wait to read the in-depth exposes on the hottest songs to have sex to and the naughty bedroom game you need to play tonight (well, not necessarily you personally, but you know what I mean).

    You're right, I'm the one who thought up "heartbreaking," which is why I didn't put it in quotes until just now, but I got the idea after reading quotes like this from Susan Collins.

    It's wrong to mock anyone who had to make hard choices to overcome tough obstacles.

    Really? Posing for Cosmo while in college is an example of a hard choice and overcoming a tough obstacle? Really?

    Well, for somebody who was

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    Well, for somebody who was born to the upper middle class, getting naked is a tough obstacle. WASPs, don'tchaknow.

    It pisses me off, actually, because it shows a profound disconnect about what paying for school entails. I know people selling eggs to pay for school. Seriously, let's talk "hard decisions" when you get surgery to pay for your education, mkay? Thanks.

    A hard choice ...

    perhaps because he now knows that males and females pinned that one on the wall?

    Look to your own

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    The initiator of the cheapshot was a "student" panelist...actually, head of the Republican party/committee in Melrose.

    He's since been reveling in having trolled Warren and started this whole thing. It's sad that he thinks our political system is a game.

    So the

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    Scott Brown is making hay because Candidate Warren had some fun with the fact that Scott's ego in his 20s led him to think that he had something that 100s of thousands of women (and surely at least a few men) would want. Instead of showing some maturity and acknowledging that he was a straight (?) twinkie he instead tries to argue that Candidate Warren should not be a senator because she is not a pinup girl?

    What's a matta Scottie? Can't deal with a woman who not only is smarter than you but had the good sense in her 20s to not whore herself in soft porn?

    Poor poor Scott. He whines how he had to do the nudie thing to get through school while the rest of us actually worked at productive jobs that provide useful services and produced useful products.

    Scott, Candidate Warren is simply pointing out that you showed poor judgement based on ego in your 20s- which really makes you like most folks. But instead of using that opportunity to demonstrate that you have grown up some you instead resort to the bathroom humor of adolescent boys - which shows you have not grown up.

    This is the quality of Republican candidates?

    oh, is that what she was

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    oh, is that what she was doing? How nice of her.


    - I've seen this show before- and I don't need to see it again.

    Brings up interesting discussion

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    I had an interesting discussion with my roommate. I see Warren as not really coming from either party's role players. She's not coming up through the ranks of the party. She's one of the intellectuals that Obama was relying on for implementation of one of his goals, the consumer finance regulation reform. But she's not willing to get shoved aside by the partisan hackery of Senate she's decided to parlay her attention into a Senate run of her own.

    I think she took the D label only because not to would mean a much harder road of it. I see her as much more of a Bernie Sanders independent.


    The whole situation is ridiculous. It's okay for the Dems to make fun of Chris Christie for his looks, but a Repub can't make fun of Warren for her looks. And suddenly it becomes sexist, SOMEHOW?! How is that even sexist... It wasn't sexist to make fun Christie.

    Tired of the retarded drama in this two party system, it's like a terrible reality show.


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    Are not "Dem's" BTW. Talking head pundits are not Dem's BTW.

    Stop with the victimization and "they did it first" BS and go after the assholes they really push it. Sensationalist, tabloid media.

    Just heard NPR . . .

    . . . cover this vital issue at the top of the hour on 99.5. But its is the tabloids that cheapen the "debate" between these two anemic hollow parties.