The secret burial grounds of candidate signs

Dorcena signs

Mike Ball discovered this cache of signs for Will Dorcena's at-large council bid yesterday - on the porch of Dorcena's Hyde Park home. Destined for the recycling truck or re-use?

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Very well organized. Looks

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Very well organized. Looks like voters chose wisely.

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Please! Who gave Mike Ball

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Please! Who gave Mike Ball permission to walk up on Will Dorcena's porch?

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The Will Himself

He asked me among many others whether he could have his sign back. He's neither anonymous nor unnice.


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Guess Will's too busy not

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Guess Will's too busy not being city councilor to pick it up himself the week after election, like all the other pols or wannabe pols in town. Or to put the extras he never found a lawn for away for the season. Thanks Mike for alerting us all to this blight.

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Reuse is likely

My friends who run for local office gather up the signs and put the ones that are reusable away. The ones that have useful structure are refitted with new paper for the new campaign.

When one friend didn't run again, he gave his signs to another and we broke out the beer and the tunes and spent a couple of evenings in a garage taking off the old signs and putting on the new ones. This is a lot cheaper than starting over ... and fun.

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Take these

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and add them to the Christmas trees and Festivus poles, pile them up and light them on fire. Saves valuable space in the landfills. Do not try to burn them in your fireplace though.

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Allston flamer could be onto something

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Burning all those pesky cars getting in the way of law-abiding cyclists.More room on the roads and if you melt em down less space in the junkyard. It's win-win.

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The Common Firebug

I remember sam, he was the village idiot.
And though it seems a pity, it was so.
He loved to burn down houses just to watch the glow,
And nothing could be done,
Because he was the mayor’s son.

I don't think Tom Lehrer was describing a specific "My Home Town" here, do you?

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