In latest sequel, Wimpy Kid battles zombies

Wimpy vs. zombie The author of the popular "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series is trying to kill a series called Diary of a Zombie Kid.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, Wimpy author Jeff Kinney's Wimpy Kid, Inc., accused Antarctic Press, Inc. of improperly trying to horn in on the Wimpy Kid's success and of confusing Wimpy Kid readers into thinking Greg Heffley is now out for brains, through similar titles, illustrations and book design.

Wimpy Kid filed suit here because it's based in Plainville; Antarctic is located in Texas.

Wimpy Kid wants the Texans to cut it out right now, hand over all unsold copies of its books and, naturally, be forced to pay lots of money as recompense.



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    I've got to think this would be covered under laws concerning satire. That being the case, I would think The Wimpy Kid is going down.


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    Maybe back in that day

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    but in 2011? IP and copyright laws are seriously messed up. SOPA's the next step they're trying to cram through, and it's going to break the net.

    And it's going to happen. Profit must be protected, art and creativity be damned.

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    What an original and fresh idea, here in 2007.

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    This would seem to be a clear

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    This would seem to be a clear parody exception. Margaret Mitchell's estate tried to sue the author of The Wind Done Gone a few years ago and lost.

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