Shuttered JP taco place to re-open

Tacos El Charro, 349 Centre St., will re-open as soon as the city issues an inspection certificate, owner Aida Luz Navarro said this morning.

Navarro told the Boston Licensing Board she was forced to close the restaurant earlier this year due to financial problems - she didn't have enough to pay for a required permit in December, and in January, NStar shut off power due to a $7,000 unpaid bill.

Navarro said she's worked out a payment plan with the electric company and has raised enough money to buy the food and supplies needed to re-open. She said she is only awaiting an Inspectional Services Department inspection. In the meantime, she said, she has been cleaning and updating the restaurant.

Navarro was before the board for non-use of her common victualer's license.



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Would love to see

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this great neighborhood favorite reopen. Good luck and we hope to visit soon!

But what about...

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Whole Foods. Just thought I'd mention that Whole Foods has nothing on these tacos. Take that Mr. Whole Foods Man.

The only actual Mexican place in JP

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Burritos Pizza is close, but the awful Acapulco tex-mex and the Old White Lady From Vermont Purple Cactus Burritos are a steep drop off.

Be nice. Doesn't cost

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Be nice. Doesn't cost anything, and decency toward hard working strangers who've never done anything bad to you is a lot better than your mean spirited immaturity.