Smile for the camera, dumbass

Not the brightest alleged bulb

Foxboro Police report they are looking for this guy for an alleged attempted car break-in:

On Aug 30, 2011 @ approx 1:00 AM pictured suspect made two passes by house, stopped for 5 min. then parked just past victim's driveway. Victim heard suspect outside in driveway, confronted suspect in husband's vehicle, asked him what he was doing, suspect said I didn't take anything, and started walking to his car. Victim took suspect's picture, and vehicle. Vehicle a 2003 Hyundai Sonata color black.



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    You need better props

    Here's a thought - if you want to cruise the streets of Foxborough incognito, lose the Steelers spare tire cover.

    Then I don't see the problem

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    Anyone with a Steelers tire cover is asking for their car to be broken into outside of Pittsburgh (and inside it in some neighborhoods).

    The only crime I see being committed here is by the home owner:

    MGL 193.22L - "Being a Steelers Fan". Punishable by public derision.


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    but seriously, there's tons of Steelers fans in Wstern MA (that barren outside of 128). They've always been a big blue collar team.

    Still some Cowboys fans trumping around too, leftover bandwagon's from the 90's.

    Steelers fans everywhere

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    There are plenty of us ("yinzers," "Picksburghers," or just "Stillers fans") inside 128, too. Check out Roggie's in Cleveland Circle on a fall Sunday to see one or two or two hundred of us.


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    The Common Ground in Allston for another couple dozen, or Spirit on Mass Ave outside Porter/Davis to find me + 5ish. Previously, the Black & Gold Brigade met at the Sports Depot, and they would give us the box car on the side of the restaurant for the whole group. But now its a pizza place, and the B&G hasn't met there in a couple of years anyway.

    If you like drinks, Beau Sturm from Trina's is something of a yinzer (from WVa actually) and likes to do an occasional Primanti Bros knockoff for a special, particularly if dem Stillers are on primetime.

    You underestimate me

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    I'm originally from Ballmer, I've hated Shittsburgh for far longer than I've lived in Boston. ;)


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    I think you meant misunderestimate.

    Pittsburgh is more fun and

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    Pittsburgh is more fun and less dangerous. Besides, why are you so "proud" of something you had nothing to do with? Did you build Baltimore and work harrrrd to make it a great place? If so, you failed. Either way, I would think you'd be smarter than to fall into the "my geographic area is BETTER than yours so fuck you!" mentality which is reserved (I thought) for sub-100 IQ types with nothing else in their lives to care about.

    I'm not from Pittsburgh, so don't call me a hypocrite.

    Giving you a more serious response than you deserve

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    How do you know how much of an impact I had on Baltimore? I didn't fail. Just imagine what it would have been like if I *didn't* help improve it while I was there? Who knows...maybe The Wire would have simply been a snuff film instead!

    And you really need to stereotype less. There are plenty of very intelligent people who like to root their city to victory over a "hated" rival. I'm pretty sure everyone else in these comments is cheering on their team and giving as good as they get to the other team's fans without seriously thinking that there's something mortally or morally wrong with anyone else's team or city...except for NYC. Fuck those guys, am I right?