Stop & Gone

Stop and Gone

An ex-Stop & Shop barely remains on Truman Parkway. Last week, it looked like they'd fill the lot behind the Jersey barriers with construction equipment and never get to tearing down the not-so-supermarket, liquor store, bank and pharmacy.

Two workdays later, there's not much left. An empty brick shell may be gone this week. We're figuring to see the big-assed version of grocery and drugstore within six months. Walgreen's is now a trailer pharmacy.

When Americans get into deconstruction, they get serious.



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And for really important

And for really important news, they're busy tearing down the former Sammy White's bowling alley/Clair Buick building on the VFW Parkway in West Roxbury right now.

Stop & Secret

I don't know of anything public. The manager at the store was telling folk that it would be the new style, much, much bigger.

Even the HP strategic plan from the BRA only mentions it as a shopping district and doesn't map it. The S&S site tends to list and describe such rehabs when they are close to opening.


We walked by today and all traces of identity are gone. Between 1 and 2:30 PM, the S&S facade was down and away. I suspect the lot will be level within a week.