Supermoon on the Orange Line

Around 8:30 p.m., Julie Gendrano tweeted from the Orange Line:

Oh my. Someone just entered my Orange Line car completely naked.

Pics or it didn't happen? But of course! Gendrano says to look for the "flesh colored blob" in the photo below. He got off at Downtown Crossing.

Supermoon on the Orange Line



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The Twit generation

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If it's a crazy person, call some help for them. If it's a dumb, drunk college kid on a prank or dare, tell them to put on some clothes and get the hell out of there, since they're moments away from being designated a registered sex offender for life.

He walked through DTX naked?

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He walked through DTX naked?

Also, that guy's not COMPLETELY naked. He's clearly got white footwear of some kind on.

Hopefully they disinfected the car afterward. Penelope's got nothing on this guy.

And I wonder where he put his Charliecard.


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I'm going to hope that was hyperbolic. There's absolutely nothing unsanitary about your average naked person. People's clothing carries more germs than their skin, generally. You wash your body a lot more often and thoroughly than, say, the bottoms of your shoes, your bag, etc.

You can sit in some seat

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You can sit in some seat where a guy planted his scabies infested butt if you want to. I'll pass

Your loss

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If you don't understand how scabies is transmitted.

I think

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Your point on the germiness (or lack thereof) of the naked body aside, I think a good point is that when you sit down, you naturally spread your, er, cheeks. And one can't make an assumption that a naked person on the subway (whether mentally unstable, or on a dare or a prank, or just pathologically free-spirited) has kept themselves, uh, clean.

So I agree that the high likelihood of fecal matter smeared directly (not indirectly) on a plastic seat is pretty gross and would benefit from the kind of disinfection not usually applied to our everyday clothes.

Imagine the person that will soon sit in the seat next to that one, letting their hand oh-so-carelessly drape on the affected seat... ewww right there.

Well, the T told us to look out for

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giant red backpacks, as well as oversized shipping boxes and mailing tubes. They didn't say anything about reporting mostly-naked people to the police.

Which sort of makes sense - after all, where would a naked person put their bomb?

Learned from Captain Jack

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Perhaps the fellow had the same power as Captain Jack to whip his CharlieCard out of thin air the way a nude Captain Jack whipped out his gun.

Awesome pun

Adam, I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, but want to shake your hand for getting such a great pun past everyone. Naked guy getting off at Gov't Center is even grosser than the scabies discussion.