Teen charged with repeatedly stabbing man who sat next to him on a bus seat

Tarik Muhammad didn't want any company on his trip out of Ruggles on Aug. 31, 2010, so when a man sat next to him, he told him to move - and when the man refused, they got into an argument that ended when Muhammed began beating and stabbing him, prosecutors say. Channel 4 has the surveillance video shown in court today.



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As I also mentioned on the

As I also mentioned on the thread about Mohammed Bile, yesterday was the Muslim holiday Eid ul Zuha. Cambridge even closed schools for it. Yet in two separate incidents, Muslim men were arrested in violent crimes.

Muslim men ... ?

Oh, sorry, I get it - because of their names. Y'know, you've got a point. It's like when these guys named Jesus throw lead around Mattapan, they're on the Pope's conscience, because clearly, why would they be named that if they weren't representing all Christians?

Or, wait, maybe we shouldn't put them on the Catholics - can we blame Methodists? Or Presbyterians, you think? God, that's a tough one. And don't even get me started on this one guy Abraham who strangled his wife ...

Also, it's Eid ul-Fitr. I know, I know, correct spelling, right? It's only for foreigners.

Yeah questioning the cultural

Yeah questioning the cultural elements at work on a little monster like this is so offensive to higher egalitarian sensibilities. Let's all subsume our common sense and the future of our society to the greater good of a multi-cultural paradise. It's coming together beautifully...

Muslims. . .

. . . Are a big problem in my life. Sometimes- The Dunks girl- I could swear- she only puts in one and a half sugars in my medium regular on purpose and not the full two spoonfuls! I think she hates my freedom.

Nice Comment

You could at least try to fight the stereotype that right-wingers are all racist nut jobs. Instead, your posting's getting more and more like filling out the same old Republican Mad Libs. Just pick a new out rage of the day and fill in the blanks!

What Fishy Forgets ...

... is that the VAST MAJORITY of crimes in this country are committed by "Christians" in that people would identify as such.

Mexico's drug wars and drug problems? Ditto.

Prince of peace, indeed.

Most of them are men - should we lock up all Christian men on that pretense?

There are also very few atheists in prison. How does that work?

(Yes, it is obvious that the majority group will produce the majority of criminals ... but, hey, their supposed Christianity isn't preventing their behavior, either ...)


- I'm tired of This religion of peace surrounding us with their armies and navies. Tired of their military bases in our lands. Tired of them conducting black ops in our country. Tired of them propping up corrupt brutal governments to rule over us as their puppets. When do you think "Islam" will stop it's onslaught against us? I hope Pakistan doesn't land on Cape Cod with their reed boat invasion fleet!

The HERALD comments...

...are over there ---->

"Kill them all, God will know his own!"

Christian military leader ordering the murder of other Christians, who had slightly different theological opinions.

All in the name of the so-called "Prince" of peace.

I see these jerks all the time on the bus

Scum riding the bus will orient their body so they're purposefully blocking both seats, lookin' all tough.

Of course, their mommas do it with shopping bags or by sitting on the outside seat and refusing to move in, so why are we surprised?

clearly this precious

clearly this precious snowflake is the victim of another frame-up by our racist criminal justice system. i can't wait for the traffic-halting occupy march.


Knives on the T

Is it illegal to carry knives on the T? Can you imagine what other videos of madness and mayhem the T has in its video files. The only thing missing is cops. My uncle who is a bus driver said they used to
ride busses but they don't anymore even though they have tripled in size since 9-11

Yeah, don't carry a knife on the T...

But feel free to enter the Gillette Stadium parking lot with a loaded firearm and discharge it without consequence. I wonder what other mayhem and madness occurs when Jethro and his New Hampshire buddies get all liquored up during a Pats loss and start diddling with the gun racks.

Will take the "mayhem" on the T over Gillette, anywhere within a mile of Fenway after game day or the North End after a Bruins game any day. The suburbs really can't hold their liquor or their temper.

I wonder what other mayhem

I wonder what other mayhem and madness occurs when Jethro and his New Hampshire buddies get all liquored up during a Pats loss and start diddling with the gun racks.

The man who shot himself was a Massachusetts resident.


THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THE KNIFE FIGHT I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF ON AN ORANGE LINE SHUTTLE IN SPRING 2008 STARTED. Except that time there was no stabbing, just fisticuffs and slashing.

Damn I wish I hadn't let my blog domain lapse and still had the post.