They take out the trash - and leave it on bank president's front steps

Malden Patch reports foreclosure protesters gathered up trash from a foreclosed Malden house they say Bank of America has let go to hell, then took it over to the Beacon Hill home of the president of the bank's Massachusetts division and dumped it there.



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Oh dear, the little people are revolting...

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"Rather than refute this group’s baseless claims with facts, let me simply state that Bank of America has a lot to be proud of in Massachusetts, from providing $12 million in charitable giving annually to lending $393 million in the first half of 2011 to small businesses that are creating jobs and fueling the local economy," Crawford said.

It is exactly this sort of high-and-mighty, arrogant and self congratulatory "PR" which gives BoA such a bad rep. Rather than expression even a smidgen of regret about the state of the foreclosed property, and maybe some understanding of the difficulties that such foreclosures may be causing residents surrounding the property, this guy poo-poohs their concerns and starts off on a boast-fest.

I'm not a fan of littering, but I wouldn't be surprised if this guy's house was next...

Not the only ones

I had to get a judge to clamp down on US Bank because they were steaming toward forclosure on my father's small mortgage DESPITE the fact that the property was in probate (and any action on it expressly forbidden in an early court order) and my repeated attempts to get a payoff quote so I could clear it!

Oh, but private industry that is the bank that can't even get its paperwork straight so that it can get its money is so much more efficient than the government that got me his 2010 tax refund in 27 days ...

just wondering . . .

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. . . what does this have to do with BofA ?

Business as Usual

It is relevant because sort of thing isn't limited to BoA and this particular property - they are doing what their industry is doing, something that is consistent with my experience. My lawyer tells me that I'm lucky - Wells Fargo is somewhat worse with foreclosing properties under court order and even foreclosing paid off properties. BoA does this too, because they are so internally inefficient. The problem isn't just BoA, but a GENERAL lack of oversight on an industry. They simply won't change until they are forced to.

These things happen because these banks have grown so large that they can't even keep their own internal operations running properly - even when it comes to getting paid the money they say they want. This results from their inability to communicate across twenty seven balkinized departments resulting from all the mergers and acquisitions that a customer has passed away, that letters from the court are in force, and even that somebody has paid them off! Why? Because they never integrated their operations properly because they were so busy adding new entities ... and now things have to go to all the "right" departments and get clearance from the "right" vice presidents (who are all competing with each other for control) before a debt is cleared or a house is sold or anything that one would think financially reasonable or legally required. More bloated and kafkaesque than the RMV or Boston City Hall ever got.

What I've been dealing with is a different face of the same monster.

Bleeding heart liberals are

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Bleeding heart liberals are petty thugs. Just because some poor minorities got a loan they shouldn't have, doesn't make all bank people evil. Boohoo. Go protest a fur store.

Read it again

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Eh what?

I believe they were protesting the property owner (the bank's) complete failure to fulfill the basic responsibility associated with owning property (in this case, creating a public nuisance and health hazard by failing to maintain the place and keep it free of trash.)


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2/10, anon. You covered the bare minimum for name-calling('petty thugs' and 'poor minorities' are de rigeur, though I was disappointed not to see any mention of 'LIE-berals' or suggestions that we collectively fellate Barney Frank), but the fur store non sequitur was way too predictable and doesn't actually enrage us strawman lefties that much. Posting anonymously gives you more street cred, but also means that we can't monitor your trolling for improvement, which means you're going to be troubled by a nagging sense of inadequacy on future visits to the site.