Thieves giving Allston supermarket heartburn

Boston Police have posted photos of three guys they say keep walking into the Shaw's at 1065 Commonwealth Ave. and stealing boxes of Prilosec.



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Pirlosec? Isn't that for

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Pirlosec? Isn't that for stomach problems? I wonder why they're stealing that. Can you get high on it? Good resale value? Meth ingredient?

When it was still

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When it was still prescription only, it was one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the U.S.: so there's plenty of "customers" where it can be unloaded. It's also very small and light, you can probably easily carry a few hundred, if not thousands of dollars worth.

I've often wondered WHY

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I've often wondered WHY people steal these things? Sure certian drugs I get .. like pseudoephedrine which is used in the production of Methamphetamines. (yes folks, thank your local meth lab for the reason why you can't buy anything with pseudoephedrine without going to the Pharmacy anymore.)

But Baby Formula or Prilosec or some other over priced medication that servers no real purpose just boggles me. When I worked at a drug store decades ago, we had MANY problems with people stealing baby formula that we had to move it behind the Customer Service counter. Its like um isnt this what WIC is for? Why ya stealin it.

Prilosec just boggles me. I mean its not like its gonna have much of a resale value now that there's generics of it. And why Shaw's didnt move them BEHIND the customer service booth or install a locking case (like Walgreens and CVS do) after the second theft is beyond me. (but again its Shaw's..)

Baby formula is used to cut

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Baby formula is used to cut drugs.

Stealing Prilosec makes no sense to me. The active ingredient doesn't have a purpose beyond heartburn.

No, Vitamin B is used. In

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No, Vitamin B is used. In powder form. Friend of mine worked a GNC and always saw the same group of "questionable" people come in once a month and buy 4 HUGE jars of it. (who also refused the GNC Gold card usually (no tracking) and didn't look like they were body builders or heath nuts)

When I say formula, I am usually talking about liquid form. We'd have people run out with two or three six-packs of the stuff.

Baby formula is also...

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...really damned expensive. With my first child coming in less than 3 months, I'm stoked the missus will be breast-feeding. One canister (which might last a few days depending on baby's size) was going for $35-$40! Get a few cases of that and you've got a fair trade for your drug of choice, I'd imagine.

Powdered baby formula...

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Baby formula has long been used to cut the strength of other drugs, the most obvious being cocaine. That's why its been locked up for over a decade in a lot of places. I don't know what is in Prilosec, but no doubt someone has found a similar purpose for it. It can likely increase the strength of something, or mimic another drug in some way, ...

People also used to try to steal and return baby formula a lot. I assume there's some of that going on as well.

Methadone users

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Prilosec is rumored to potentiate the effect of methadone. So, these might have been outpatients from the Addiction Treatment Center in Brighton looking to boost their high...especially if they are on dose reduction.

I asked the same question

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Regarding baby formula during my stint as a grand juror some years back. The thieves are usually drug addicts, and therefore into petty crimes with small profits. They sell the formula to small convenience stores and bodegas and use the proceeds to fund their habits. They may be doing the same with the pricey heartburn meds.

Those potatoes can get even smaller

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In the last month I've had a guy on the Red Line offer to sell me some razors, and a guy in the South End offering some dirt-cheap Axe deodorant. Since I was pretty sure each of the items in question had just fallen off a CVS shelf, and since neither entrepreneur started off with a sly "Hey, Mac," the way TV taught me these things should go, I declined.

Same place, same time?

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Are they sure that these are three different people? The hair-lines and ears look very similar across all three. Maybe this is a family venture carried out by triplets?