Third teen charged for allegedly attacking bus driver on Dudley Street over smoking

DonovanMBTA Transit Police today charged Brian Donovan, 18, of Dedham, in connection with a crash that left an MBTA bus in a Dudley Street storefront, a teen pinned against the wall, on April 11.

Donovan, who can be seen in a Pepsi jacket in a video of the crash aftermath, was charged with assault and battery on a public employee and wrongful interference with a common carrier.

The teen pinned to the wall, Felix Garcia, was charged a couple days after the crash for similar offenses, as was Michael Baptista (who can be seen in the video wearing a suit and tie).

Police charge the three began beating the driver after he went to the back of the bus to demand whoever was smoking cut it out, and that the bus crashed after the driver lost consciousness under the hail of fists. Garcia and Baptista, however, allege the driver attacked them and deliberately aimed his bus at Garcia after the teens got off the bus.

Innocent, etc.




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    Hey, you said it, not me :-).

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    The problem - they guy

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    The problem - they guy probably lives within spitting distance of Hyde Park.

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    I hadnt see the video...

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    But why would they post that? To me it incriminates them. They are screaming death threats and trying to rip the door open to attack the driver.

    "We gotta have some kidna proof." Um... thanks but for the other side.

    Suit jacket screams that his leg is broken while jumping up and down. And then running to attack the driver.

    And at the very end... you see Pepsi jacket lighting cigarettes.

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    Watch the video on youtube, these bus bullies beat and scream racial slurs at the bus driver cause a crash that could have killed several children and proclaim their innocence.
    It is going to be open season on bus drivers this summer. The Droogs are taking over the T.

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