Trees plunge on Red Line

Fallen tree on Red Line

The MBTA forwarded this photo of a tree down on the Red Line just south of Fields Corner and this photo of a tree down just north of JFK/UMass:

Tree on Red Line



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The MBTA cut this tree down to pass it off as storm damage, those crews were out there tearing at the tree before it fell down. It's just a cover for cutting service. This way they can cut service every time there's a storm coming.

Gold Foil Hat

That's why I always wear a gold foil hat! It's superior to any tin foil hats on the market.

A goldbug, too.

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Why does that not surprise me?


The T would put that much effort into supporting the need to cancel service today? I hope you are kidding... If not, then please go back on your meds.

Don't worry, someone got it

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That brought a smile to my face. Though you know, it's not actually a tree. Some witnesses said it was actually a flashlight and some Q-tips.