Tufts to naked students: Put some clothes on before you freeze to death

School ends support for naked student run; cites risk of death.



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    We had something like this at RIce

    Called club 13, where people would cover themselves with shaving cream and run on the 13th, 26th and 31st and run around the campus, leaving shaving cream prints on the plate glass windows of the library.
    There was a guy in my college who ended up the in the emergency room twice-
    once with a broken arm, and once with a concussion. I can't imagine the embarrassment of showing up in the ER wearing only shaving cream, especially the 2nd time - "oh it's YOU again"

    That would be topped only by the embarrassment of DYING because you fell and hit your head while running around naked...

    The real issue, though, is

    The real issue, though, is the alcohol. Bacow's letter to the students said there were 12 students that ended up at the ER, including two with a .3+ blood alcohol content. It's been a constant theme with a lot of Tufts events, but this was one that is just begging to be shut down.

    Of course, a more comfortable temperature may bring more spectators (and runners) which brings its own set of problems.