Turkey babies in Kendall Square

Turkey babies

Jess Riley reports a turkey and her seven poults (that's babies to you) have taken up residence in front of 55 Broadway in Kendall Square. Kendall Square, you grizzled turkey veterans may recall, was home to Mr. Gobbles, back in the day when turkeys were still an unusual sight inside 128.

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I think the turkeys would be more concerned if it attracted the birds they are watching out at Alewife.

Same building!

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I met Mr. Gobbles outside 55 Broadway after I had stayed awake all night driving a simulated train as a subject in a research study. The incident was somewhat surreal given my state of mind.

Now there's a whole week worth of Thanksgiving hanging out there? Could get interesting.

help the turkeys!

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They don't belong in the city, before they get hit by cars or worse, why doesn't some one call the local Animal Control Officer to scoop them up/trap and get them over to New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth so they can be relocated to a remote wooded area. BTW: Mr Gobbles didn't make it, by the time they got him help. he had to be euthanized. Wouldn't the humane thing be to get them out of there now. People make donations to various animal charities so these animals/birds are helped.

Don't belong?

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How do you think wild turkeys got here in the first place.

And judging by that brood, they're doing pretty good and finding more then enough food. I mean whats next, save the pigeons?

I'd be more pressed to fight against shooting/euthanasia of coyotes and black bears in the burbs. Both are very misunderstood, and pose little danger, but there's always a story of getting rid of them, rather then relocating them.

help the turkey family

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www.newildlife.com [take them there, they'll help] Please call the local Animal Control Officer and get them scooped up/trapped so they can be relocated to a remote wooded area, they are just going to get hit by a car or abused where they are. Mr Gobbles had to be euthanized due to his injuries, by the time he got help it was too late.

Turkeys in west end of city seem to do ok <insert joke here>

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Downtown is definitely a dangerous place for *any* animal, and I could see animal control moving this clutch to someplace less disruptive. But there's a fair number of turkeys in JP/Rosi/WRox and I have naver seen nor heard of one being hit or harrassed, either by humans or dogs (yes, i know that doesn't mean it hasn't happened). Even though I'm sure they spend much of their time in the urban wilds/Arboreteum/Boston Nature Center, you still see them fairly often in back yards and sidewalks - we just saw a young jenny a couple days ago near our neighborhood.

Other medium sized animals seem to live and get by in this city - racoons, skunks, possums, coyotes, even a few deer - I don't see why we shouldn't let the turkeys stick around. Lord knows they're more beneficial and less obnoxious than the Canada geese you see all over the place.

Re Mr. Gobbles

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For the record, Mr. Gobbles was NOT euthanized. He was relocated by the Animal Rescue League to their Dedham location. I saw him there several months later; he was in a group of several turkey hens and another tom and doing well. (He had a slight limp that made his walk recognizable, and he came when I called him, which he'd done for years at Kendall.)

Mr Gobbles

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Your right, thanks for the correction, I had Mr Gobbles confused with another city turkey that was taken to New England Wildlife Center in May of this year.