Unlike Penelope, at least this pet was on a leash

Elizabeth DiRusso posts a photo of a woman and her ferret at the Back Bay Orange Line station, adds:

It would probably be safer if the ferret stood behind the yellow line.

Meanwhile, and totally unrelated, except it also happened at an Orange Line stop, Andrea reports:

Some guy at Sullivan Station just turned into a corner and starting peeing 2 feet away from me.

An MBTA menagerie: Cats, hawks, parrots, turkeys, pet rats, pigeons, snakes.



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I'll never understand

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I'll never understand why people want those smelly rodents for pets. They are all but untrainable. The woman walking it on a leash in a T stop wanted attention from other people, pure and simple. Like other owners of unusual or exotic pets.


My sister and her then boyfriend had a couple of ferrets long ago (along with a cat and a dog). The ferrets were interesting to watch, but you couldn't really "play" with them. They would "play around you." They would simply do whatever they wanted to. (Her dog would sometimes purposely sit on them.) Although, if they misbehaved, and you yelled at them, it was funny to watch them look up and slink backward before turning and scampering off.

Exotic Pets?

Search and seizure may make sense if there is a crocodile in the tub or a cougar in the closet, but a ferret on the Barcalounger - that's what domestic bliss is made of.

- MA Governor Bill Weld, upon signing a bill legalizing the keeping of ferrets as pets, December 1995.


Streaming at Sullivan

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More than once I have seen guys go to the far end of the platform (toward Wellington) and take a whiz off the edge. Yecch...

Taking a T pee

I see it happen all the time, I particularly recall it happening in the State St Station exit to City Hall Plaza, Chinatown emergency exit on the southbound side, and two incidents on the commuter rail platform at Porter Sq.

I can't believe people do it considering how you can be branded a sex offender so easily in this state... I guess they all had nothing to lose...


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The trend I see on the rise is people unrepentantly smoking in T Stations. No one working at them does anything about it, and sometimes there isn't anyone working there. I have seen it at Wood Island Station, State Street and Park Street (downstairs). All of these instances were in the daytime. I don't se it every day, but I have seen it in recent times more than should be happening, which is not at all.

Two legged animals

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The problems on the T are caused by two legged animals not four

Oh, I saw her too

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Oh, I saw her too--she got off at Green Street, and there was a six-year-old girl who got off at the same time who was fascinated by the ferret. Last I saw, the girl was straining to pet the ferret while her mother was physically restraining her because the woman who was carrying said ferret wouldn't confirm that the ferret wouldn't bite.

Good times on the MBTA.