Wally: 'Don't look at me, I'm just the mascot'

Wally and Davey

What's going on in this photo? Your caption, please (official reason for the photo in the comments).



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Official explanation

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Wally and MBTA General Manager Rich Davey want fans to take the Green Line to/from games this year. T workers will be handing out CharlieCards at Riverside and there'll be CharlieCard machines inside Fenway.

If you want to do it

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Get the players to ride the T.

And fire that photographer.

its all about dignity. next

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its all about dignity. next we will have obama posing with jesse ill cut your ##### off jackson.

Davey: "I can fix the T, and

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Davey: "I can fix the T, and I can fix this team. Wally's already with me."

I would like to express my

"I would like to express my apologies on behalf of the MBTA for the dismal start to this season. Unfortunately, Terry Francona's had to send out a replacement squad as the team remains delayed at North Station due to signal troubles."

GM Davey:

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"Look, Wally, *you* guys don't seem to be using your money for anything important...and we could really use it at the T..."

Davey, to Wally

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"No, you're right, I was worried we made a mistake by putting a glass roof so close to the outfield wall at Fenway Park, but judging by the last 3 weeks I really think it'll be okay this year."

Wally, to Davey

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"I was wondering if you could send me another copy of the pre-recorded scripts you use to apologize for power outages."

Last one for now

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Davey: "Ok, I'll go over the evacuation routes one more time but remember that you're on your own for making it from the ballpark to Kenmore."

Pictured here:

Pictured here: Some loser in a stuffy, ill-fitting suit, and Wally the Green Monster.

Turned on its head

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Pictured: Some poor bastard in a suit sent out to be the face of a poorly performing organization bleeding money unable to do anything right...and MBTA GM Davey.


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Since Wally is worth about as much protection as the Sox lineup seems to be able to muster for its pitchers.


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If you see something...like a reliever, or a guy who can hit with men on base, or a legal loophole to void John Lackey's contract, or that Beckett guy who pitched here a few years ago...say something.

Announcement Ding

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"Last stop, fifth place. Please pardon any inconvenience we might be causing. Thanking you for playing in the American League East"


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What do you mean I have to pay to clean the T car I just rode on?

See I told you!

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The B line isn't the only green monster in boston.

New slogan

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You won't have to run home if you ride the T, or play for the Red Sox.

Davey, to Wally

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"Right, so get this...*snicker*...first, we tell them to 'take the T to Fenway for the Sunday night game!', right? *snicker* Then, when the game ends at 11:00 PM and they try to catch a train home... *snicker* then, we run single car trains like it's a normal Sunday night! *snicker* Genius!"

Seriously, though, there are cities across this country that have coordinated mass transit around game times so that there's near rush hour levels of capacity when 20,000+ people are schedule-synced by something like a ballgame.

Why was the Green B Line running less than a half dozen single car trains out of Kenmore at 11 PM tonight?