Wally: 'Don't look at me, I'm just the mascot'

Wally and Davey

What's going on in this photo? Your caption, please (official reason for the photo in the comments).



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Official explanation

Wally and MBTA General Manager Rich Davey want fans to take the Green Line to/from games this year. T workers will be handing out CharlieCards at Riverside and there'll be CharlieCard machines inside Fenway.

Davey, to Wally

"No, you're right, I was worried we made a mistake by putting a glass roof so close to the outfield wall at Fenway Park, but judging by the last 3 weeks I really think it'll be okay this year."


If you see something...like a reliever, or a guy who can hit with men on base, or a legal loophole to void John Lackey's contract, or that Beckett guy who pitched here a few years ago...say something.

Davey, to Wally

"Right, so get this...*snicker*...first, we tell them to 'take the T to Fenway for the Sunday night game!', right? *snicker* Then, when the game ends at 11:00 PM and they try to catch a train home... *snicker* then, we run single car trains like it's a normal Sunday night! *snicker* Genius!"

Seriously, though, there are cities across this country that have coordinated mass transit around game times so that there's near rush hour levels of capacity when 20,000+ people are schedule-synced by something like a ballgame.

Why was the Green B Line running less than a half dozen single car trains out of Kenmore at 11 PM tonight?