Watch out, Starbucks? Canadian coffee chain starts Boston invasion in West Roxbury

Bruegger's, which sells bagels in the Village of Chestnut Hill mall on VFW Parkway, is converting the store next door into a Timothy's Cafe, fair-trade coffee, baked goods and sandwiches.

Bruegger's bought the chain from its Canadian founders and plans to expand it across the US. The West Roxbury outlet will be either the second or third Timothy's in the US.

There's currently one Starbucks in West Roxbury, but on the other side of the neighborhood, by Roche Bros. on Centre Street.



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Timothy's not completely new to Boston

A while ago...maybe 10 years ago, there was a Timothy's in the Prudential center, on the way to the Hynes entrance. It closed, and (of course) there's a Dunkin Donuts there now.

I remember getting coffee and pastries there on weekend mornings and generally liking the place. Don't remember sandwiches back then. At the time I was going through a phase where I liked flavored coffees and I recall Timothy's having several pots of different flavors at any given time.

Oh, no!

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Now where will the closest bagel place be?

I'm surprised they're closing Bruegger's - I noticed the signs for the coffee shop but I thought it was opening next door to Bruegger's, not replacing it.

Phew, bagels are safe

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I goofed. Fixed the post after a trip up there: They're putting it in next door, which seems kind of odd, you'd think they're kind of competing for the same market, but what do I know?

Oh, good.

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Until someone starts baking NY bagels locally, they're the closest to the real thing.

Have you been to Dedham?

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The bagels at Cafe Fresh in Dedham Center are (or at least were, the last time I was there, a couple of years ago) much more New Yorkish.


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There might only be 1 Starbucks in West Roxbury, but there's one right up Independence Drive at the rotary, less than a mile up the road and right over the Brookline border.

ah HA

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Too funny. I used to order K-Cup coffee that was Timothy's and I had never heard of the brand before. Its good coffee (at least from a KCup) but I always wondered where that brand was.

Makes me wonder if there's a Gloria Jean's coffee shop too.

Sadly, I don't think it'll make it. Coffee places have a hard time making it except Starbucks. Due to the infiltration of Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks here.


Drinking a Timothy's Tropical Espresso k-cup over ice right now.

Now I know where I saw that before! Makes me wonder two things: 1) did k-cup sales around here give them an indication that their wares would be welcome? And, 2)is green mountain coffee in on this (they own Keurig).


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I doubt the Kcup are a prelude to stores opening up.

I'm guessing, after reading last week's about Keurig.. that they either..

1. Manufacture the Kcups themselves and just buy the beans/roast from the different coffee shops

2. OR license the technology (and sell manufacturing equipment) to them so they can make them

I think its more number 1 since Keurig does the marketing for the cups too.


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I always felt bad about using a few K-cups a day, because each K-cup means another plastic and foil container thrown away. And the grounds aren't extracted from each K-cup for composting, as far as I know.

Gloria Jean's

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They do have retail stores; the one in my hometown mall in Illinois used to be called "Gloria Jean's Coffee Bean". They didn't make coffee drinks; they just sold coffee beans and coffee accessories (and tea and tchotchkes, etc).

Tim Horton's

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Tim Horton's WAS here.. they had 2 shops in Rhode Island. They closed earlier this year due to Tim Hortons deciding NOT to further expand into the US.

Rhode Island Horton's franchises owned by Wendy's?

I read (back when they were expanding into RI) that the Timothy's franchises in Rhode Island were owned by Wendy's who'd purchased a RI-based mini chain of other coffee shops.

My friends in Ontario swear by Tim Horton's, and sent me a tin of their coffee....I wasn't impressed, but still would have given them another chance had they opened a shop nearer to Boston.

Tim Hortons and K-Cups

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K-Cup coffee is absolute crap. It is passable by the same people who believe Bugabook creek has a good steak, a whooper is a quality burger and that Five Guys is someting special.

As for Tim Hortons, that place is awful! The donuts aren't bad, but the coffee tastes like poo (worse than K-cups!) and the food is greasy and gross. The one near Foxwoods was like an old age but with a slightly less odor of urine.

What is all this free trade crap? I bet if I slapped that label on anything, you effing bleeding heart / white guilted liberals would pay an extra $1 for it. Free and Fair trade coffee, how wonderful! How about the illegals working in the kitchen of your favoriate chain restaurant? Oh right, no one cares about people in this country, just God forbid someone in Costa Rica or Sumatra is getting underpaid for pciking beans while fat rich americans drink it.

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Hmmm, might be time to switch....

to decaffeinated Ensure. Those filthy layabout hippies are going to give you a stroke.

But I'm totally down with you busting on fast food chains. Good on ya, gramps.