Wonder if they had any takers?


Nathanael Hevelone captured a pair of demotivators along the Marathon route today.

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A beer . . .

. . . is about the last thing you want when running those distances. I've ran a couple of half marathons and I'd puke if I smelled beer on mile 10.

Oh- and I'm done with running. Not a good exercise anyway overall. Wrecks the knees.

Yes to beer!

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I used to love going for a five miler after work on a hot summer day, and coming home and having a really cold beer (after some water, of course, but still).


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You ran and your knees hurt so you conclude that running wrecks knees. I run, for more years and miles and races than you, and my knees are just fine so I conclude running doesn't wreck knees. But those are just anecdotes. The people who've actually looked at the data conclude that running prevents knee damage.

Not quite

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They found that runners were correlated with lower rates of arthritis. That's not the same thing as saying "running prevents knee damage." As one of the commenters pointed out, knee problems could also be associated with obesity problems, and runners are generally not obese. That's just one example of an alternative explanation for this correlation. Remember the difference between a study and an experiment. There is no control group in a study.

I'll add my own two anecdotes to this: my father was an avid runner until his mid-40s and had to give it up because of knee problems. Now he bicycles. I've already got knee problems and I'm not a runner. The difference between runners with and without arthritis could simply be a matter of genetics.

Got knee arthritis?

If you do, like I do, one of the first things you will be told is to lay off the running.

In epidemiology, this is called "selection bias": if people with bad knees, specifically osteoarthritic knees, are told not to run, they won't be found in the population of runners.

Although you are wrong that there is, apriori, no control group in a study. Cohort, case-control, and time series studies do have control groups - case series and longitudinal study designs do not.

Cartilage Damage

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Here's my anecdotal evidence.

I've been playing baseball and fast-pitch softball since I was seven. As a catcher for a goodly number of those years, I've sustained significant damage to the cartilage in my knees. I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee, to remove torn cartilage, almost 15 years ago now, and I'm fairly much bone on bone there, and I suspect I'll need it for the other knee somewhere down the road.

I continue to play because I love the game - and I'm pretty stupid, I guess - but I can tell you for a fact that any running I do certainly doesn't improve my knees any. Since I do have to run during the games, and I play three to five games a week, I'm pretty much sore in the knees from May through September.

In any case, my doctor (not to mention MY WIFE) would prefer I not run at all, during ballgames or even just for recreation.


Running and knees

Man, in my 50's now, I can't count the number of friends that used to run and can no longer run because of knee pain caused by running. Also, a lot of very competitive bike racers used to be competitive runners, but had to quit running because of knee pain.

Does this mean that every runner will eventually wreck their knees? Of course not.

Speak for yourself

After a much longer day of biking 115 miles in July in the Pan Mass Challenge, I sucked down two pints of Harpoon IPA and I can't think of a time before or since that it tasted any better.

I don't much remember getting more than a slight buzz off of it, either.

Strangely enough, ice cream has the same effect on me as beer does to you. No thanks.

To each his or her own ...

To each their own?!?!?

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Wow Squirrlygrrrrl, you're actually OK with people having opinions different than yours? Are you going to be able to sleep tonight???


Let me barf some ice cream on ya. Better? A videocam and Rule 34 and we might even make a buck off of it.

Some things are a matter of taste and preference.

Thanks Swirrly

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You just killed Harpoon IPA for me.

Do me a favor and please don't say anything positive about: puppies, Christmas, the Rolling Stones, Jesus, steak, America, etc.

Rude! Fat people go to the

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Rude! Fat people go to the gym. So do the elderly. People with hip replacements. Pregnant ladies. Etc.

I was referring to the skinny

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I was referring to the skinny guys who should be on a lifting program.

Not me

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I'm referring to the fat boy... No way he goes to the gym.

The Y

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The Y? - What is this 1976? I am at Gold's and we have a no fat rule during peak hours. It brings down self esteem for the used-to-be-fats.


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The spilled beer smell and throngs of drunk students is the last thing you want to deal with when you've been running for 22 miles. How about you give me the $20 and I wont puke on you?