14-year-old arrested for Dorchester stabbing death

Boston Police report arresting the Dorchester male - too young to have his name released - for the stabbing death of Cherby LaJoie, 39, on Oct. 6 on Charles Street. Police say the teen stabbed LaJoie multiple times early that morning.

LaJoie was himself once charged with shooting a teen to death in 1996, but his 1999 trial ended with a hung jury.



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It's 1:12 AM on a Saturday

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It's 1:12 AM on a Saturday night, do you know where your armed 14 year old is?

I'd like to know

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I'd like to know why this 14 year old was even with this guy. And where were this kids guardians? Why was he even out that late?

Sad that the kids are getting younger and younger with violence. I'm not placing the blame but I was standing on my front porch one day and listening to some of the rap music that was played nearby. I could make out the words and it was something like "Kill them, kill them all"... repeatedly. I actually stood there a bit longer to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me, and it definitely was saying that. (Don't ask me who the rapper was..)

This is not the first time I've heard rap music with questionable lyrics.

I'm sure I'll get flamed for making such a comment placing blame on rap music. I'm not blaming rap music but ya know, you continue to hear some of the crap that comes out of these rappers mouths, it HAS to have some effect on these kids.

Add some violent video games, movies, and tv shows. And We wonder why the kids are getting younger and younger. You cannot deny that teens are impressionable.

Its easy to say "It's not the music", as I remember a time when I was a teenager when similar things were said about heavy metal and some of the music from yesterday. BUT today, its just about in every song, and its a 'lifestyle' that is shown everywhere now. Unlike when I was a teen, it wasn't in our faces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And before you go off and say "Its not the music", take a few moments and listen to the lyrics of some of these rappers, you'll be amazed at what is being said right under your noses.

I'm sorry I just have to question the effect on rap on these kids. It just seems to uncanny that the kids keep getting younger and younger with violence, rap and its 'lifestyle' become more main stream, and the lyrics just are getting worse and worse.

Maybe I'm becoming a mid-30s fuddy duddy. I don't know, but it just seems like it's getting worse each year.


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No SANE person can deny there's a SERIOUS, VERY SERIOUS problem with VERY violent crime, including the ultimate, murder, in the so-called 'urban' black community. Even simply discussing this OBVIOUS issue requires navigating a P.C. minefield. I'm not talking out of my a*8 here. either. I grew up in the 80s in 'inner city' neighborhoods in NYC and Boston, in a 'socioeconomically' deprived family.

1) Yes, rap plays a MAJOR role in violent conditioning of kids and young adults, even some immature adults. It is almost exclusively dark and negative in content, celebrating what can be truthfully described as sociopathic behavior. To compare it to so-called 'rock' music is disingenuous; 'rock' encompasses a wide range of themes in away rap doesn't.

2) The main problem isn't rap, it's a perniciously multigenerational dysfunctional subculture that has been enabled for generations [especially since the advent of our so-called Welfare State in the mid 60s], and especially the almost complete breakdown of the stable nuclear family among this subculture. This subculture includes EVERY so-called 'race' and ethnicity, but it's especially evident among African Americans, where nationally the single parent [mom, usually] out of wedlock rate is incredibly high, in some cities obscenely high, above 70-80%. Also, the rates of immature, unstable young woman having babies is EXTREMELY high.

For those surprised by this kid's young age, I'm not. Very violent and criminal behavior among even young teens was commonplace where I grew up back in the 80s, it just wasn't as well publicized as it is today in our internet age.

Grew up in the 80s?

Too bad you seem to be stuck there. There isn't much of the welfare state left, darling.

Let's see some references for your "statistics". They seem to me to come straight from Ronald Reagan's Welfare Queens Are Ruining The Country playbook.

Not much of a welfare state

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Not much of a welfare state left? What bizzaro universe are you living in?

The welfare state is the largest it has ever been as a percentage of GDP and liabilities. Entitlement liabilities have continue to grow at a rate faster than the economic activity to support them.

One major unintended consequence of welfare reform in the mid 90s was every professional dole seeker figuring a way onto the disability rolls. Medicare and Medicaid are going bankrupt not only from the boomers retiring but the leeches shifting to those programs as the new spigot for graft. No one thought to address disability reform around the time ADA and welfare reform were going through congress and now we are all collectively paying for it.

As long as the Defense Department

keeps spending 1.5 trillion on the F-35, a plane that doesn't work and the Air Force has already said it doesn't need, I have no problem with the amount of people on welfare in this country.

That's nice you care so much about folks on welfare

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However, it causes HUGE social problems and is set up not to 'empower' healthy families [mom,dad,kids] but break them up. It 'empowers' females [mom] and tosses males [dad] to the side, with terrible consequences. Welfare is really nothing more than a failed [I think a half century is long enough to judge it] social experiment using 'socioeconomically deprived' women, kids, and men as guinea pigs. If people want to encourage this social experiment, let them, their children and grandchildren deal directly and personally with the consequences, not sit on the side-lines in some comfortable setting looking in.

Also, obviously two wrongs don't make a right. And I also disapprove of our huge military spending. And also A LOT of our foreign largesse.


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"One major unintended consequence of welfare reform in the mid 90s was every professional dole seeker figuring a way onto the disability rolls."

This is true. And unlike the usual stereotype of the welfare queen, the fakers out "on disability" are frequently middle aged white men. One of their favorite excuses is the ever-popular "back injury", difficult to prove or disprove. I have seen guys supposedly out "on disability" climb ladders to fix their windows, get down on their knees to plant gardens, and do all kinds of other physical tasks.

The new welfare

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Yes I know many people in the city who have fell through the cracks on drugs and when they get in a program. The first thing the halfway house or treatment program does is help them get on SS disability. I was curious so I looked up what % of people on SS are retired and it is barely over 55%. I have never read an article about this in any paper. I just was sort of wondering and looked it up and that is what I found. Every junkie gets a check and housing. If you have the desire to get on SSDI you will get it eventually and then get a retroactive check from when you first applied for it to when you get it! This usually takes years when they are bogus junkie claims and then they get tens of thousands of dollars! Then it is time to buy a whole lot of crack or dope! All on the backs of the working class!


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yep. My aunt is getting a whopping 10grand a year to be SICK! Yep.

She gets housing all right - housing that I pay for.

Uh huh.

Yep, methotrexate junkie all the way - she just made up the systemic lupus part so she could live in poverty and be sick all the time. That, and run up credit card debt to pay for dentistry and medications.

On top of that, she doesn't get to have a savings account to put money away for things like dental check ups that aren't covered, and auditors make her show all this paperwork on a regular basis.

Yeah, you clearly know *everything* about what it takes to get on SSD and stay on it - if everything is "not a single goddamn thing". I hope you get to enjoy such "luxury" some day. Asshole.

Well, no. Not quite.

There are several things wrong with your statement, but I'll start with the easiest one to disprove: There are far more people receiving retirement benefits than you suggest. I'm unclear where you are getting your 55% number from, but according to the Social Security Adminstration -- which is probably a good source -- you'll see that 81% of its benefits are being paid to retired workers, or the spouses of deceased retired workers, whereas only 19% of its payments are going towards disabled workers.


If you actually peruse the statistics (and there sure are a lot of them), I'm sure you'll find that many of the fallacies that you think are true are not actually true.

Yeah -

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do you think that any increase might, just might, have something to do with the fact that millions of folks can't find work right now (yeah know, we are in the worst recession since the Great Depression, right?) Why don' we all let them just rot in the streets, I guess.

And by the way, The Washington Times? Really? Can we get any more conservative?

More bigotry

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Where does it state in this article the race, socioeconomic status, or music preferences of the suspect?

Don't be a bigot.

Armchair sociologists

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Right. You just came to the revelation that rap music causes violence. Based on what?

The people who actually study these things have known for years that it's the other way around. People write music about the things that are affecting their communities and how they're experiencing their life. Kids listen to it because it's relevant.

Ignorant people come along with their racism and classism and decide that rap music is causing problems in the city that wouldn't exist without the rap music.

It's like saying that the folk/rock music of the '60s and '70s about shooting up villages in Vietnam caused the Vietnam war.

Using your Leap to Conclusions mat?

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Where is all your bullshit about rap music coming from? There is absolutely nothing from the linked news that implies the suspect even listens to it.

Don't be a bigot.

"And where were this kids guardians?"

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It's not the music dude. It's the lack of parenting.

I've listened to a lot of music with violent themes. I never stabbed anyone though. You know why? Because my parents gave a shit about me. I will eat my hat if this kid came from a loving and stable two parent household.

Why does everyone look to blame it on something besides the obvious and most important influence in a child's life?

Frank Zappa...

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...thinks you're a jerk.

This really shouldn't be a conversation we need to have every decade.
Can't we be clutching our pearls about sexting or something else a little less clichéd?

jumping to conclusions!

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I see some comments refer to a black suspect, but I do not see that mentioned in the article at all.


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Doesnt have to be it Roxbury, if the Somalia would we need to state the race? Well Roxbury is Boston's Somalia.

Spoken like a scared suburbanite who only reads the Herald

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I'm guessing you don't know the first thing about the demographics of Fields Corner - starting with the fact that it's in Dorchester, not Roxbury. You might want to take a ride up Dot. Ave. some day and check it out. Bonus: Then you can brag to all your friends how you survived the oooh-scary mean streets.

In any case, we'll find out the kid's identity when he's arraigned in Dorchester District Court sometime today - he's just old enough to be tried as an adult for murder.

And meanwhile, why hasn't anybody yet called for a cleanup of that wreteched hellhole on Gardner Street in Allston, where that poor guy who was found in the Charles was from? Wrong skintones, I guess.


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If (the Somalia)
{ then (Anon(not verified) == "grammatically challenged")};

else, Anon(not verified) == "bigot";

[haven't even thought about programming in about ten years, so I'm assuming that syntax is all wrong, my code won't run and I'll spend the rest of the day going blind scrolling through code and wishing I were dead.]