2012 Boston food-truck schedule announced



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Gov't Center

Why isn't the space (for three trucks) at Government Center Plaza listed?

It's on the PDF

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For some reason, the schedule the list isn't complete, but the PDF doc contains all the locations. Except Dewey Square, which is missing from the website AND the PDF.

Two different schedules

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From the website:

Current availability is updated on a monthly basis. The below schedule is for March 2012. The 2012 Live Lottry Schedule as well as the 2012 Mobile Food Truck Public Sites Schedule will take effect April 1st.

So the schedule listed on the website is for March. The PDF schedule is effective April 1.


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Aww. Not only is the JP location Tier 3, it had no takers in the lottery :-(

That is a little bit weird, because I know Roxy's parks their truck overnight about two blocks away, over behind the brewery. Why no daytime love for JP/Roxbury, food trucks?

Dorchester Coffee Ban

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Anyone know why coffee and tea are uniquely banned in the Dorcester/Ashmont location? Does a city councilor own a coffee shop there? Fascinating.

Flat Black has a location there?

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Just a guess, but there is a Flat Black coffee shop at Ashmont. They may have a contract that prevents competition at the Ashmont station.

seems counterproductive

Isn't the whole point of a food truck to be able to move around? Whenever I see them on TV in other cities, its almost a mystery as to where they will be, where customers follow them on twitter, etc to figure it out.

Leave it to Boston to mess this up by making them register for specific locations, most likely so that the city "gets their cut" too. Seems like a racket to me. Why not just have licenses granted (if that's even necessary) and leave it at that?

messing it up?

Listen Debbie Downer, That's cool that you have time to chase food trucks around Boston, but many of us are busy and knowing when our favorite food truck is in a certain spot helps us plan to have dinner or lunch there instead of somewhere else or at home.

Where and when?

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Does somebody want to explain to me how the "Food Truck" is radically different from the "Canteen Truck?" Yah, I know, they've got the most amazing grilled cheese you can find anywhere, but other than that, what's so hard about the drivers having an actual route, and then you know when they're going to be in your neighborhood, or outside your office? I'm sure they'd love a call that would let them know there are 50 people in "XYZ Office Park" or on a major street in Boston that want to buy what they're selling. So, the food truck shows up at 11:50 each day, and the workers know to go outside and grab a bite. Maybe you'd want a designated place for them to stop, so they don't create a traffic jam, but to have them parked in city hall plaza does seem to defeat the purpose of a mobile food truck. Might as well build a single story building and let them rent the spot, no?