25 arrested in South Boston drug crackdown

Boston Police report sweeping up the alleged miscreants as promised after the murder of Barbara Coyne.

Some of the people picked up where charged with non-drug offenses, including a Mattapan 13-year-old arrested for assault and battery.



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    Can someone explain?

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    Why do these "sweeps" occur? I'm sure the police didn't just magically find these people in the last 2 weeks and couldn't find them earlier. Is there a law enforcement reason that these sweeps take place en masse or is it just politicians cracking the whip after a tragedy? Why aren't the cops picking these people up on a regular basis in the first place?


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    Their far too busy with details protecting the union construction workers.

    And why aren't they doing

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    And why aren't they doing this in other neighborhoods.

    I love how someone's grandma gets killed, and people are up and arms and something is quickly and swiftly done. But go several blocks to the south to Dorchester where this occurs often AND its just more of the same from the BPD ("We're working on it")


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    Yes, she is someone's grandmother, hence a little more respect would be appropriate. Whether or not you think Boston Police are doing a good job or not, it does not necessitate making rude comments about an innocent person to make your point. Please remember these are real people you are talking about when commenting on the news.


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    aka human nature

    Warrant teams

    Arresting people with warrants can be a dangerous process, ( no matter how minor the offense may seem because of potential jail time from other open cases). Plus people who have warrants usually don't live at the address listed on the warrant or arrest report they are out on bail on. So a little work has to be done to actually find these people, and what time they are going to be there. Now you have a warrant team or teams. (anywhere from 4-14 cops) which go to these locations at the same time. The do this all at once because it basically cheaper to do it this way, rather than doing it a bunch of times at different locations.

    Plus, these sweeps actually do happen a few times a month at regular intervals. They just aren't publicized like this one was.

    Thanks Pete

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    Figured it would be you that comes up with the answer I was looking for (not knocking any other replies - just Pete usually has the inside law enforcement scoop). And as much as a budget hawk as I am - I have no problem with the big teams. You really never know what's behind that door when you knock it down. Being a cop statistically isn't really that physically dangerous compared to many other jobs, but the stress of never knowing what may come at you next has to be debilitating. It would be interesting and reassuring though if they ran news on these sweeps a little more often.

    It would also be interesting....

    To see what happens to these people (25 of them) today after court. How many of them go out on bail, and how many of them don't come back to their next court appearance. Then we can see which ones get caught up in the next sweep, and how much in court fees they have to pay, and/ or actually pay.

    Another possible reason

    Especially with drug arrests, it's usually pretty easy to get the street-level folks, but it takes more time and effort to get dealers higher up the food chain. Sometimes police wait to either keep a suspect under surveillance or try to used them as an informant to catch more people.

    clean up the trash

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    I know this story got a lot of press but there really isn't a drug problem in South Boston. Do drugs exist? Yes, but it is a small % of people from Southie that are actually involved.

    Remember, South Boston has 33,000 residents.

    South Boston property owners and business owners are glad these degenerates are off the street. Their families must be proud.

    Wake up there yuppie look

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    Wake up there yuppie look around instead of hiding in your i phone standing at the bus stop or How aboutYou try to sit out front of your house for awhile and look whats going on southie does have a drug problem ,Do drugs exsist ?What kind of question is that


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    CEO of CSX Railroad was speaking at a recent conference in Indianapolis. He said they had 40,000 applications for 10,000 open spots last year. 20,000 of them couldn't pass the drug test. 9% unemployment and you can't lay off the weed or worse while you apply for a job? Yes drugs exist and apparently more than most of us can imagine - everywhere - look to your right and your left and somebody is probably using something illegal.

    (and how many did lay off the drugs but are now stoned and responsible for controlling or maintaining mile long monsters loaded with hazardous materials? That's probably a bigger day to day threat than the terrorists).


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    How much of that was prescription pills.

    On another note Florida instituted drug screening for welfare and has since found that their welfare population is actually testing positive 50% less then what you would expect from a normal control group of US adults.

    The actual numbers of offenders are so small that costs of administering the tests to everyone vastly outweigh the savings from catching those few users, and booting them from the programs.

    But everyone can walk around feeling self righteous, so there's that. Even if it cost FL residents more in taxes. Talk about stupid.


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    on the iPhone? PUNCTUATION PEOPLE!