About those cars parked on the median of Cambridge Street in front of City Hall

They're members of the elite Municipal Protective Service, forced, they say, to park there because their normal spaces on City Hall Plaza were taken up by, first, the Big Apple Circus and now construction fences, Karen Cord Taylor reports.

Isn't it grand that City Hall Plaza has finally just turned into a parking lot? Beats being a windswept, soulless brick nothingness, one supposes.



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Did you know that police

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Did you know that police officers also get to drive faster than the posted speed limit?!

Some government workers get exceptions? No way.

I'll bet the president doesn't even have to take off his shoes before boarding air force one.


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When they have to, and with light and siren going. It's why they'll flash their flashers when technically not responding to a call to get through the light quicker, as a CYA move.

But no, LEO can not just speed. That's breaking the law as you and I would be. Unfortunately for us, there's no zero tolerance policy in place for abusers, which is what this is. It's left up to individual officers.

One was recently arrested down in FL for speeding and failure to pull over. Extreme speeding did him in.

Job perks

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Yeah, and relatives and friends of cashiers get to walk out of the store without paying for the merchandise.

That doesn't make it right, though.


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"Don't you know that City Hall Plaza is one of the preeminent examples of Brutalist architecture in the country? It's a jewel of modern architecture. Bostonians are artistically so unimaginative and unadventurous, immediately dismissing the new and vibrant in favor of the old and staid. Untie your bonnet strings and join the 21st Century!"

How'd I do? :)


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Actually your post, though perhaps intended sarcastically, is true. Nothing is more beautiful to my eyes than a concrete brutalist or modernist structure.

I thought I was a minority of one

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I thought I was a minority of one about liking City Hall and yes, even the barren plaza. Maybe it's just me, but I like that type of architechture and landscaping. I liked the Saltonstall Building better when it was set back before they brought it out to the street in recent years. And people probably don't remember it now, but I liked the old way the Pru plaza was before it became a suburban mall, when it consisted of minimalist sort of corridors of granite. But none of the few stores that were there did well. Like I said, maybe it's just me.

I don't mind city hall

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but the barren plaza needs to go.

Put some walkways, trees and grassy areas in it. Maybe a food cafe or two. Fix the damn fountain. Put in a fixed mini-hatch shell where they put on concerts all the time.

At least make it a place for local office workers to want to go spend some time, instead of a barren brick wasteland.

I will admit....

... I don't understand the purpose of an arcade without a roof. Grape arbors are great when they have grape vines, otherwise...

The big expanse of the plaza gets used with a fair amount of regularity during warmer weather. Making it prettier would not cause it to be used more in winter (I suspect).

But there is certainly room for improvement.


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