Adams Village now more caffeinated

Steve reports Southie's PS Gourmet Coffee is now officially open at the old Loonie's Liquors location.

Ed. note: Cool beans and all, but shouldn't they have called it Crazy Coffee?



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Ugh, I can't speak for their

Ugh, I can't speak for their coffee as I'm a Java House girl, but the double-parking in front of PS Gourmet is freaking ridiculous. I see people sitting in their cars, blocking the right-hand turn lane onto East Broadway just waiting for people to return with their coffees... I consistently get stuck behind these stunods and it makes me lose my sh*t every time.


it's not patrons of new bay liquors?

double parking is a southie right, akin to space saving. Lanes of traffic be damned.

6C/BPD and BTD doesn't seem to care much, which is unfortunate. It's not just limited to this intersection, but pretty much all of E&W Broadway.

Coffee not taste good

You can't hide poor quality coffee and/or brewing from someone who drinks coffee black. We stopped there the other day because my daughters like the sugary sweet concoctions they serve and my wife grabbed me a black coffee -- it was terrible. Where is Coffee Connection? (P.S. Dunkins is no better.)


I was just saying I thought Adams Corner needed borderline junkies to double park to spice things up.