Allston monsoon

Allston monsoon

Matt Laskowski looked out his window this morning at a monsoon along Comm. Ave. in Allston. He reports:

The roads flooded up almost immediately over here, with water rising up about as high as the sidewalks. The Griggs St T stop was pretty much completely submerged. A lot of people who were still hanging around outside after the bars closed started scrambling to get home when things started looking bad. Several fire alarms went off in the area when their basements flooded, (including my own building) causing fire trucks to make many stops in the area to make sure everything was safe. Being on the top floor, it was a very entertaining night to what felt like a storm-depraved summer, but for everyone with basement apartments, I hope they're all doing well.

Matt also took some video:



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flash flooding for sure

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There was debris all over the streets near my house in Brighton, and the bottom of Washington at Cambridge Street was a dirt pile where it'd run off from the St. E's construction site.

I also just found out one of my friends' cars was completely submerged in Lower Allston and still had standing water in the foot basins when he got it this morning.

I used to live right in that

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I used to live right in that area. There's a couple of bad flood spots there. The corner of Long Ave and Comm Ave used to flood a lot. The side street on the outbound side from Harvard used to flood. The corner of Harvard used to flood.