Allston shop gets tattooed by out-of-control SUV

Adam Femino posted this video of an SUV whose driver seems to lose control when trying to beat a camper to the turn at Harvard and Cambridge this afternoon and so plows into the front of Stingray BodyArt. Then watch as the camper serenely glides by.

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Nice headline. How'd we get this footage?

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I hope no one was getting ink done on that side of the building - because it's probably pretty messed up just now.

Here's and excellent example of someone who should not have a driver's license and/or needs new tires. How you could not pull out of a skid like that at such low speed is not comprehensible. Hell, I'm not sure that I could have gotten into that skid in my car even if I wanted to (at least not without turning off the traction control). What a frickin' dolt.

Incidentally, this appears to have been captured by one of the City's "surveillance" cameras - how'd we get this video on UHub? Does this other Adam work for the City?


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Will see if I can find out.

My god! How stupid can people get?

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The driver of the SUV who crashed into the StingRay Arts Building in Allston also came a hair or two away from killing a pedestrian, not to mention a hair away from killing somebody in that camper. He'll pay for it all right...with inflated insurance rates, which he deserves, because each time one is in a car crash where they're clearly at fault, their insurance rates get jacked up, by as much as 25% or more. Moreover, if someone has enough crashes like that, they can end up having their insurance taken away from them, and being told to go find another company.

Almost worse

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I notice a pedestrian who almost got taken out by the SUV. And also just seems to wander serenely off into the sunset...

Glad that it appears that no one was hurt. Hope the driver got a nice big ticket and his/her insurance company makes Stingray whole promptly. Left from the right-hand lane, seriously?

Epic Masshole Driving

This is one for the highlight reel.

Seriously ... how much time can you possibly save doing this? Seems it was more about somebody's fear that their anatomy would shrink if they had to stay behind that motorhome one more second.

Good point, Lecil.

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I also hope the jerk driving that SUV ended up in traffic court, along with his big ticket and his ballooning insurance rates.

I agree, Miki

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That should totally happen to this person.

I wouldnt bet much. His car

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I wouldnt bet much. His car is all smashed up. If he reports it to his insurance, his premiums will go up as there is no one else at fault. If not, he will have to have his car fixed on his own, which will cost him money. If he doesnt fix it, he is driving around with a smashed up car.

PS - One IS accountable. One FACES consequences.

I should have been more specific

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Paying a slightly higher insurance premium is not accountability. This guy came seconds away from killing someone. So he'll have to pay to replace his car, and then get back on the road to try that stunt again?

Guy? His?

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How do you know? I've seen some pretty crazy female (usually younger) drivers these days. Twenty years ago that would have been obviously a guy. Now, I'm not so sure. Probably reading a text simultaneously too whoever it was!

Good Catch, Stevil

But Matthew is fundamentally right: the really truly bad drivers ARE subsidized in MA by those with only one ticket or one small fender bender getting surcharged for six years at a time, well in excess of the actual cost of their one accident or risk indicated by that one ticket.

That jerk who rear-ended the Sting-Ray will pay more than a bit.

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The jerk who rear-ended the Sting-Ray because he was in such a hurry will end up paying more than just slightly higher insurance rates. On the contrary, this guy's insurance rates will be much higher, because he got into a crash where he was clearly and totally at fault.

No, they won't

Unless the driver already has a nasty record, the driver won't pay any more of a surcharge than you or I would if we had a single accident.

There is no way to get these people off the road in MA. Check out the guy who ran the light and slammed into Tom Brady's Audi - he had a horrendous record, yet he could somehow still afford insurance and he was not removed from driving.

Someday, MA will get its grownup on when it comes to drunks and wreckful losers ... and start testing to weed out permanently impaired people like my late neighbor that even the cops and his docs couldn't stop!

Theres no bigger scum than

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Theres no bigger scum than one who turns around someone turning to save time.

As this country doesnt take driving seriously, he wont be locked up for a week as a punishment for almost killing someone. Fortunately, the private sector will jump in and take tends of thousands of his money as a frequent reminder of the scumbag he is.

If you do it safely, passing

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If you do it safely, passing a slower driver is better for everyone involved.

If I notice someone behind me who wants to go faster, I'll do whatever I can to allow them to pass safely.

Just a bit lost?

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I'll give driver a sliver of doubt that this wasn't attempt to pass solely to get in front of RV. Probably is that big of a d-bag move but it's possible it's a more common, thus worse in congregate,offense:

The old turn-from-anywhere-inconvenience-anyone move when a driver doesn't know where they're going.
Common examples: not turning even with light to wait for other lane light to turn green; pulling u-turns anywhere; backing up or racing across highway to get to missed turn; turning from wrong lane.

These drivers simply won't inconvenience themselves for a moment and follow traffic rules and common sense to get back to where they need to go, no matter how dangerous or how badly it effects other drivers.

I was in the shop when this happened...

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I was in Stingray with my boyfriend while he was getting tattooed, literally with the needle in his arm when this happened. We heard a huge sound from several cubicles away and one of the tattoo artists assumed someone had fainted & knocked a bunch of crap down with the fall...but then lo and behold, we see the bottom of the shop wall caved in and this SUV right there. The driver was a middle aged (perhaps 50-60) guy and his passenger was - I assumed - his daughter. It's bizarre to see the footage above and piece it together with actually being in there! The dude endangered a few people that day. He's lucky, I guess.

I love how there's a jaywalker

I love how there's a jaywalker who takes advantage of the break in traffic (as the motoerhome pauses to see whether the SUV is going to burst into flames or something) to cross the street right in front of the motorhome from top-left to bottom right. Don't ever change, Boston!