America may run on Dunkin', but the Orange Line doesn't

Around 8:45 a.m, Susan Anderson tweeted:

The Orange Line is seriously standing by "due to a coffee spill that needs to be cleaned up." ... At least it made for a nice-smelling train first thing in the morning...

The coffee break happened after incoming T General Manager Beverly Scott rode the line from a chat session with commuters at North Station to a chat session with commuters at Back Bay. The T posted a photo of her and soon-to-be boss Richard Davey on the Orange Line. Michael Ratty looked at the photo and asked:

Why isn't Beverly Scott drinking a Dunkin Donuts coffee like Davey? Not a good way to endear yourself to Boston.

Also, while the Orange Line ran perfectly (and strangely emptily) on her trip, commuters on the Red Line and the Needham Line got to experience your basic Monday-morning T delays.

H/t Prairie Rose Clayton for the headline.



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She's not used too..

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She's not used to Dunkin Donuts. As a former resident of Atlanta, i can tell you there's TWO in the entire Atlanta Metropolitan Area. She's probably used to having Starbucks.

Atlanta really isnt coffee town like Boston is...

The Northeast Runs On Dunks

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The rest of the country, not so much. If you never travel, you might think they own the world, though.

New England and...

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Phoenix, AZ.

First time I went there they had two. Last time it seemed they exploded and where much more numerous.

Coffee on the T

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I know this is a minor "white whine" when there are seriously worse things happening in the city and the world, but it's still a pet peeve of mine that people carry coffee onto a T train in the first place, be it in a standard Dunkin Donuts cup or in one of those annoying travel mugs. I've seen it spilled on the train a number of times. Can't people just get coffee when they get to where they are going? It's part of the larger phenomenon of people now constantly carrying a beverage with them wherever they happen to be, as if it is an accessory.


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How dare someone not want to pay good money for crummy coffee?

I'm from a Dunkin area too, I like Dunkin, but I just can't get behind their coffee.

not crowded indeed

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The two women in the back are reporters (note the Canon L-glass one of them is sporting), the guy by the right door is an MBTA supervisor, and the two giant dudes in the back are probably undercover MBTA officers.

In other words: she boarded at one end, they turned off the door openers, and they kept her safe from the unwashed masses the entire ride.

Well, Bancroft had his parlor

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Well, Bancroft had his parlor car (and apparently a "parlor trolley snow plow" too) and Scott gets the Orange Line car with the fewest stained seats...

The Green Line of Civil Disobedience

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You can still enjoy your styrofoam cup of Dunkin coffee on the Green Line as it travels through Brookline because the town ordinance cannot be enforced on MBTA property