Another off-duty cop crashes in Hyde Park, this time into police warehouse

Boston Police report officers found a Ford Explorer crashed into the garage at the BPD evidence-storage facility at 1545 Hyde Park Ave. around 2:45 a.m.

The driver, an off-duty Boston Police officer, was semi-conscious and had "serious injuries to his head, face, neck, shoulder, and chest area," but is expected to survive, police say.

BPD Internal Affairs is now investigating the crash; no charges have been filed, police say.

Officer Richard Jeanetti is currently awaiting trial for drunk driving after allegedly blowing through a stop sign and crashing into another car at West and Austin streets while off duty on May 24.



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    Of course!!

    It's a well known fact that police officers never drink alcohol, and that 98.44% of those police officers awake at quarter to 3 AM are augmenting their 6 digit salaries with a little night work. Never, NEVER shall the demon Barleycorn pass tier lips!

    Of course there'll be a thorough investigation, which will result in a 98.44$ innocent verdict.

    If it had been me or you however.......

    SO its ok to drive while

    SO its ok to drive while sleep deprived but not drunk? If they result in the same end, they should be prosecuted the same. Bad decisions that result in accidents should be treated the same.