Another Friday night

another power problem on the Riverside Line - with buses replacing streetcars between Reservoir and Riverside. Here's the official alert:

Alternate shuttle bus service will replace Green D-Branch trains between Reservoir and Riverside Station due to a power problem. Please expect significant delays and seek alternate transportation where available. Â 9/7/2012 7:42 PM

Note that the MBTA has posted this exact same alert about the wire problem at least four times since 6:20. They obviously don't understand that people don't need to have their phones on to get messages.

Of course, if the Green Line ops folks had any common sense, they would run half the available C cars in a loop outbound via Beacon Street and inbound on the Riverside line, and run half the available D cars in a loop outbound via the Riverside line and inbound via Beacon Street - instead of overloading the C line by telling people to go to Cleveland Circle and get the buses from there.

And I can only imagine how long it's taking folks to get past Government Center eastbound (my scanner doesn't work in the building I'm currently in). Step # 1 when there's a "problem" affecting the C line seems to always be to short turn most of those trains at GC.



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Cleveland Circle, Chestnut Hill Ave. Debacle

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Well, I can tell you one thing: it was an absolute s$%^show in Cleveland Circle and up Chestnut Hill Ave. toward Route 9 - amazingly because the T had too many buses. They were totally stuffed in the busway and were parked on both sides of Chestnut Hill Ave. Two lanes of traffic were having a very difficult time getting through, and appeared to be alternating just south of Clinton Rd. because the buses had narrowed CH Ave. too much.

Of course, the transit cop's cruiser was parked at the crosswalk across CH Ave, but s/he was nowhere to be seen.

I thought it was just me

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You're right....way too many buses. If only they ran that many streetcars on a regular basis. And a large number of T employees basically standing around [collecting O.T.?] doing basically nothing except occasionally pointing people in the direction of the buses and inbound trains. You'd think they'd have appropriate signs made up for such situations.

The power section that was

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The power section that was out included the cross-back and connecting track at Reservoir. At first, the Riverside cars had to crossback at Beaconsfield until a power crew could manually tie in the Reservoir crossover section to a live power section. That's why they were at first advising people to take the C line to Reservoir. Once they got the Reservoir cross-over back up, there seemed to be plenty of "Riverside" cars in the subway running to Reservoir.