Another rape reported on Harvard campus

Harvard University Police say a woman reported being raped around 11 p.m. on Tuesday at Kirkland and Oxford streets.

The woman, who initially reported the attack to Somerville Police, described the man as white, in his mid 20s, 5'6" with a thin build and dark, spikey hair. He wore dark pants.

The rape happened just four days after another woman reported being raped in Harvard Yard, by a man about the same height and age, but with a medium build.



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step up Harvard

Before all the creepers realize that they have a loophole in security and you become a preppy crime mess.

1 is bad enough.
4 days later...another?!

I seriously hope that campus groups are on top of this and informing folks to walk in 2s, keep their keys out, and don't wear headphones while walking after dark.

Every woman

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who lives in the area of Harvard Yard hears A LOT about rape prevention. There's only so much a woman without a friend can do, though, even without headphones and with her keys out.

You know what would help MORE? Actual HUPD patrolmen on campus, protecting and serving.

Structural problems

This particular corner is a lot more dangerous right now due to the renovation of the Cambridge St. underpass roof. At least one street light has been removed right where the road turns, and the addition of the construction trailers and the perimeter fencing with the privacy netting on means there are a lot of weird dark corners with nooks at the gates where someone can just stand and watch. Also, the path between the Science Library and the gate to the yard is very brightly lit, so transitioning from that area to some of the adjacent darker areas leaves one at a disadvantage in seeing people standing still in the shadows.

I'm hyper-vigilant when I'm walking around there alone at night now, and I'm not someone most people think of as an easy mark (5'11", >200lbs). If I had a child at Harvard or Lesley I'd strongly recommend they avoid the area around the construction if at all possible.

Another Reason

The area has nobody living there. It also is a ghost town even in much of the daytime because it is the end of the summer.

Many of the Harvard Cops are on vacation right now - again, because there isn't much of anything going on on campus.

Sounds like our rapist is taking advantage of that - people have to walk through these areas, but there is construction, low lighting, and low patrols right now.

I doubt you could organize pairs or groups of students to patrol right now - no body is around.

All the more reason that I'm glad that I ride a bike - higher speeds make it harder to attack.

Credit where due

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I just walked through the area for the first time since Tuesday night and the lighting situation is already vastly better. The street light at the corner of Kirkland and Oxford is back, and the area lighting on the construction fence has been spread out to light the whole perimeter at a much more even and night-vision-friendly level.