Another T driver stops early to retrieve person's belongings from tracks

Items returned on the Red Line

Stuart Spina was on scene shortly after midnight when a northbound train out of Ashmont stopped halfway up the tracks at South Station and the driver got out to retrieve, well, OK, not a cute little kid's cute little stuffed bunny, but a purse and sweater a woman had somehow dropped on the tracks.

No immediate word if the MBTA is planning a new PSA campaign:

This is Chief Paul MacMillan of the MBTA Transit Police reminding you to stop dropping your damn stuff on the tracks. That yellow strip is there for a reason, people. Have a nice day, and thank you for riding the T.



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There was an official on

There was an official on scene keeping an eye on the situation. There was also lots of chatter over the air, so it seems OCC knew what had happened and likely directed the motorman to stop and get the lady's things.