Answer to long vexing problem: How many pizzas to order for a meeting - and what kind?

Ned Bachelder, who organizes a local get-together of programmers who use Python, was getting tired of trying to figure out how to feed the herd. So he's written a script he calls to give him an answer.



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You must be a joy at parties

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Sheesh. How long do you think it would take somebody who writes Python code for a living to write something like that script? And do you think his tongue might, just maybe, possibly, have been firmly in his cheek when he posted that?

I don't write python often

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I don't write python often and I'm pretty sure I could burn 5 minutes and get that done. Not to mention the fact that it also counts as not doing work, which is the best thing you can do at work besides work.

This is really very simple.

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Under all the tongue in cheek use of technology, the underlying math here is staggeringly simple. It says to buy about one pizza per five reservations, diveeing up the pizza types by a fixed ratio, rounding such that you buy at least one pizza of each type. Writing this as a Python script serves two purposes: it makes it slightly easier to split up the numbers in a consistent way, and it allows for stupid puns.

Did you read the code?

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With all due respect to Mr. Bachelder I would estimate that it took him about 15 minutes to write that code and that he got a little bit of fun out of it.

As a former perl developer, I think the idea is kind of cute and amusing.

I totally missed that!

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Guys (and gals) like that are usually pretty clever. Well played, Ned. Well played.

I wish

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he'd made a website calculator out of it, so I can use it next time I order pizza.