Area man uses new iPhone Maps to get from Peabody to Boston; doesn't get lost

Steve Garfield reports.





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Does Steve want a cookie?

Sorry, Steve Garfield drinks more apple kool aid than most people. He won't find fault in iOS 6 Maps.

Apple CEO is very sorry

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Hiawatha Bray's column from today's - "Apple CEO Tim Cook apologizes for iOS maps"

Mr Cook penned an open letter. Here's a nugget of awesomeness

Cook went on to write that people can try downloading mapping apps like Bing, MapQuest, or Google.

Did he just suggest that we all use the competition (didn't Apple have a bad breakup with Google)? Whaaa?

When will this be fixed?

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I hope Apple is working very hard to make sure that the world is fixed so that it matches up with iPhone Maps.