Attempted-murder suspect who cut off GPS monitor to escape 11 years ago captured and ordered to wear another GPS monitor

A Revere woman wanted for slicing up a rival in a fight, hitting a cop and ramming two cruisers in a car with two kids inside in 2001 was recaptured this week in Chelsea, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports

After her 2001 arrest on charges of armed assault with intent to murder, assault and battery on a police officer, failure to stop for police, and resisting arrest, Rosa Colon, 36, was released on her own recognizance on condition she not leave her house and wear a GPS monitor. Not long after, she cut off her monitoring device and fled, ultimately landing in South Carolina, the DA's office says, adding that she eventually set up dual housekeeping there and in the Boston area.

Chelsea Police found her when they went to her apartment to serve somebody else a warrant, the DA's office says.

Chelsea District Court Judge Diana L. Maldonado rejected a request from prosecutors that she revoke Colon's bail. She instead set bail at $1,000 - with the condition that Colon wear a GPS bracelet.

Innocent, etc.



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    $ 1,000 ? Seems low, there must not be any reason to believe that she is a flight risk

    Earth to Judge, if it didn't

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    Earth to Judge, if it didn't work last time odds are it won't work this time.


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    Just wow ... let her live with her crew next door to the judge.