Attention passengers: Do not ride scooters up the escalators. Thank you for riding the T

WBZ reports.



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Emergency stop!

It makes sense that the layman assisting the woman wouldn't climb over her to hit the emergency stop button, but why didn't the MBTA employee who came along later?

It looks like she (the T

It looks like she (the T woman) did --it just took her a few seconds to find the button.

I'm glad the scooter rider was unhurt but this is bizzare. She didn't seem to hesitate going in so I wonder if she had tried this maneuver previously and --somehow-- succeeded. Good thing no one was standing behind her.

Winner winner chicken

Winner winner chicken dinner.

I wonder what in the hell that person was thinking. I hate to disparage someone's character without at least meeting them (ed. note: not really), but honestly, what you are witnessing is darwin swinging and missing. With the scooter there, and the apparently lack of any common sense, I'd say the count is 1-2, and I doubt Darwin is going to strike out.

SSDI anyone?

Anyone get all the way to the end and notice the part where she walks away??? What are the odds that she's collecting SSDI that also paid for the scooter and hasn't worked in years because of her "disability"?

Then again it could be a magical escalator that miraculously cured her while she tumbled down. I really hope she doesn't make any more off the taxpayers by suing the T over this...

Ignorance, Anyone

There are plenty of people who can stand and walk a bit but cannot manage the distances necessary for meaningful transport outside their homes.

Google "multiple sclerosis" and "segway" for an education on this.

It's great that the guy in

It's great that the guy in the video can do that. Although it certainly seems like his manual wheelchair has to be lighter than the motorized one and possibly have a different center of gravity. I wonder whether having the big back wheels and small front ones make a difference vs the four small wheels of the motorized chair, and what he does when the handrail is moving at at a different rate from the stairs, as is frequently the case.

Anyway, I'm torn. Accomodations for wheelchairs are clearly much more inconvenient than they should be, and yet the red line video shows that it doesn't take much for things to go wrong and not only the rider but potentially a whole escalator of people could be taken out.

It would be good if the escalators were made wider so that they could take the entire chair but given the state of the T it won't be anytime soon.

That is NOT Ok

to go up in the escalator on a scooter. That definitely could of have ended really badly. Just as bad when you see strollers going up it. Common sense isn't so common anymore. Plain stupidity

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot....

She just frickin' barrels onto the escalator like she's got a death wish.

And yes, the poor little snausage might need the Huvah-round for whatever debilitating condition she may or (may not have) that prevents her from walking hither and yon...

But come the f*ck on! The bigger issue here is that she did something totally stupid. She could have really maimed her face, or landed on someone riding up behind her. Or you know, maybe she is looking to sue the MBTA...

Also, seriously, how come there were only two T employees who went to the scene? Well one who appeared to be walking by and jammed the stop button then disappears from the screen.

And then the other guy who was on the walkie-talkie - he just watched as the other passengers sorted the poor woman out, doesn't even offer to boost the cumbersome scooter off the escalator.

I guess the other T employees were asleep in the booth? Or suffering from heat stroke? Or union rules don't allow it?

So much for common sense. I

So much for common sense.

I don't even carry my bicycle up the escalators anymore, even though it barely fits in a T elevator (darn those things are small!). I just hope this doesn't end up with more signs prohibiting all sorts of things from using the escalators. No one pays any attention to the stroller prohibition unless they have one of those double-wides that won't fit.

All I really want are "Walk Left | Stand Right" signs like they have on the Tube to encourage discourage people from just standing there and blocking the escalators during peak hours.

I'm looking forward to the revela of this fabled MBTA Wayfinding project... it should be full of signage to poke fun at when they finally start implementing it. :)