Barley Hall to become Joshua Tree again

The owners of Barley Hall, 1314 Commonwealth Ave. in Allston, go before the Boston Licensing Board on Wednesday to ask permission to change its name back to Joshua Tree, which is what they called it until last summer.



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Can't you drink at the movies

Can't you drink at the movies at Coolidge Corner and the Somerville Theater?

Not saying that those compare to the likes of Chunky's or the Alamo Drafthouse (nor that they compare to each other, one is dinner and a movie served by a bunch of rednecks, and the other is in Texas).

What I'm saying is I'm thirsty and I'd like to go see 21 Jump St.

We're waxing nostalgic

Going back 20 years or more, there was a bar at the same location as Barley House called Play it Again Sams, that played movies that you could watch from comfortable couches as you drank. There are plenty of theaters that serve beer, but some may have fond memories of this particular "theater" with beer.


- that is how I knew that bar as a BC student- as "Play it again Sam's". Never saw a movie there though. Ahh- the good old days- when your brother's Notre Dame college ID was enough to get you into a bar.


Used to love that place!Remember pizza, beer and watching "The Sure Thing". Wasn't there a comedy club downstairs as well? Then there was Our House across street as well. The glorious 80's!

Illiterate Place is showing it

Sorry, but the "De Lux" theater at Legacy Place just annoys me with that missing 'e' - grr.

In any case, they have some food/drink deal where you watch movies while drinking. They're showing 21 Jump Street, no clue if it's one of the movies you can watch from their Oh Look We Can't Spell Lux Level.

Not bad spelling - it's a pun

Lux is latin for 'light'. So De Lux in latin means = "of (or from) the light". And it's also a technical measure of illumination (a meter-candle) commonly encountered in the film industry.

Perhaps a smidge of an inside joke, but I always thought it was rather clever (admittedly, I'm a big nerd).