BC soccer player suspended over taunting Penn State tweets

The Heights reports Stephanie McCaffrey's suspension over tweets cracking wise on the Penn State sex-abuse case (no link to her Twitter feed because it's disappeared).



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    Too bad she wasn't Cardinal Law

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    He lived in and around BC, said little or nothing, did little or nothing, about boy raping under his watch, in his edifices which he controlled, and got to retire to Rome. Way to be Catholic Church, you wonder why I and millions of others stopped showing up every week.

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    What further proof does a civilized society need that these people should be classified as a terrorist organization?

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    does anyone really care? this

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    does anyone really care? this is big news? nothing she said was really that bad. all the penn state people have their panties in a bunch, but they're the ones who covered this whole thing up for 30 years and still support paterno.

    the fact that bc is bending over because a few people at penn st got offended is pathetic. especially since the catholic church never raped anyone and covered it up. that school is such a joke

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    If only...

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    If only Penn State had been as quick about dealing with the REAL abuse...

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