Beacon Hill could get whiskey bar with French twist

The owners of Scholars are planning a $1-million makeover of an old storefront office on Beacon Street to create a neighborhood bar with a "whiskey lounge," two pool tables and American food with "a French bistro twist to it."

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to license Carrie Nation, 11 Beacon St.

Attorney William Ferrullo said the management team behind the nearby Scholars are behind the planned renovation of the old Boston Real Estate Board offices.

"This will not be an Irish pub," he emphasized.

The application does not include a request for hatchets with which to smash whiskey barrels.



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Carrie Nation?

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I bet it gets the axe.


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A 'Whiskey Bar' with a 'French Twist'? That's almost as pretentious as most of the so-called 'Irish' pubs.

But seriously, are they serving that good French whisky or that Irish crap? Maybe they need to call it a Cognac Bar or Brandy Bar.

All kinds

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They said they'd be serving lots and lots of different types of whiskey, even what Licensing Board Chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer called "that weird whiskey infused with orange so it tastes like Cointreau but it's really whiskey" (and no, dear NMF fans, she did NOT pose with a bottle of the stuff).

You mean

"This will not be an Irish pub," he sniffed as he polished his monocle.

Oh, don't ask why

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Oh, moon, of Alabama, we now must say goodnight...