Belgrade just not a good place for an Albanian restaurant

Jen Langley tweets:

Just noticed Arbri Cafe is def gone + grand opening sign on Belgrade for Prime Time Pizza.

Over the past few years, that Belgrade Avenue location, near Walworth, has been home to various incarnations of Albanian (and Albanian owned) restaurants.



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It's too bad, 'cause...

...Arbri had great promise when it first opened. We must've gone there 5 or 6 times in the first 6 months. But after a time, there were fewer and fewer people at the tables and more and more guys at the bar sipping cappuccinos and giving you the stinkeye when you walked in. The last few times I walked by the place before the big sign came down it was locked up with a closed sign on the door, but you could see people hanging out at the bar inside watching soccer.

I've been living around the corner from that building for 7 years, and it seems like no one can manage to keep a restaurant going in there.

Yes there is

I've never had a problem finding a nearby space when picking something up at Seven Stars or those couple of times we actually ate at the burger/pizza place that came between the pure Albanian food (or, for that matter, when we go up there to watch the Roslindale Day parade).

But, no, there's no parking lot for suburbanites who don't know how to parallel park.

Plenty of parking!!! I guess

Plenty of parking!!! I guess it's better than an empty store front. I was hoping 7 Star might take it so you could sit down and eat as well as take out.

I would like to see the city put some $ into Belgrade. Those store fronts along that street have been empty for what seems like Why is that allowed - it only brings protpery values down.

Would love to see a cafe there one day...kind of like an old school Today's Bread.