Person down

On Somerville Avenue.

Roving Uhub photographer Andy Sellars took this around 8:40 a.m.:

I was just on my way to work and saw the Somerville emergency response out in force on Somerville Ave between Porter and Union, near the Samba Bar. They were putting someone on a backboard. I didn't see any cars involved, and there was a very concerned cyclist talking to the police, so I think it's a bicycle accident.



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    Maybe just an aware cyclist

    and there was a very concerned cyclist talking to the police, so I think it's a bicycle accident.

    There is a fairly new bike lane there that seems to baffle some people in the area.

    That said, it might just be that a cyclist, moving at a lower speed and with less obstructed vision and hearing than a motorist, noticed a person collapsed or collapsing or otherwise not feeling well or asking for help.

    I have noticed distressed people on a couple of occasions while cycling, and I know other cyclists who have noticed similar situations - in one case, a person who fell and broke a leg called out from the sidewalk side of some parked vehicles. No chance that a motorist would see or hear that.

    I called in a porch fire just up the street from the above location that probably wasn't visible or understandable to the passing motorists. I know that when I'm driving a car, I have similar limitations of sight, speed, and sound.

    Just goes to show that

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    cyclists are far more caring and superior in every way compared to drivers, who would never pull over and get out of the car.

    See no problem, hear no problem

    ... can't respond to problem.

    It isn't a matter of "more caring" or "less caring". A motorist driving past the person with the broken leg on the sidewalk with parked cars between wouldn't likely see or hear her.

    This doesn't mean that said motorist wouldn't do something if they could hear/see her.


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    your speculation is entirely without agenda?

    and at the top of the caring

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    and at the top of the caring food chain is the person that walks.


    Cyclists will be less aware of people in need of aid than pedestrians due to speed, but cover more distance.

    Maybe cyclists just get to

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    Maybe cyclists just get to accidents quicker with all that red light running


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