Bicyclist identified as BC grad student

Kelsey Rennebohm Boston College today identified the woman killed in a Huntington Avenue incident late Friday as Kelsey Rennebohm, a graduate student in the Lynch School of Education:

Rennebohm was a gifted student and an experienced teacher who worked to provide high-quality instruction and support services for all children. A 2006 honors graduate of Barnard College, Rennebohm was enrolled full-time in the Lynch School's counseling psychology program. Prior to attending BC, she had worked for two years as a teacher in New York City.

BC said funeral arrangements were not yet available. Among her survivors is her father, Max, a United Church of Christ minister in Seattle.

Channel 5 reports the police investigation into her death, which involved an MBTA bus, continues.



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    Adam, thanks for

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    the info. Looks like her Dad's name is Craig and she has a brother named Max. Rest in Peace, Kelsey.

    Kelsey's picture

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    Look at that picture.

    Contemplate that, in a split second of bad luck, or somebody's inattention, failure-to-look, or slip-of-the-hand, whatever it turns out to have been, the spirit that animated that smile is now gone forever.

    Look again.

    And recognize that what we've got is as fragile as it is precious. Carry it carefully.