Did that car just wink at you?

Car with lashes

Turlach MacDonagh spotted a Smart Car with wicked big lashes in Coolidge Corner yesterday.

Copyright Turlach MacDonagh. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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I wonder what her rear bumper looks like?

See on Commonwealth Ave / Back Back

I've seen this car on Comm Ave near the public garden. Looks even better in person. I hope this car doesn't get tailgated by jerks in pickups with truck nuts.

"Jerks in Pick-ups"

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well a lot of those "Jerk" drive truck because their occupation requires them to. Maybe this cars owner should be more worried about clueless Subaru driver with bike racks!


Read the post. I was making a joke about people who drive around with truck nuts -- the stupid plastic testicles that people hang from the back of their trucks. I've got no beef with trucks provided they aren't sporting the same tired gag.

I feel the same way about

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millionaires who apply Darwinian evolutionary theory to businesses and individuals' livelihoods, pretend to be a regular guy while dismissing 47% of the population and enjoys considerable tax deductions by giving to a religion that runs referendum scare campaigns. The same religion that didn't realize African-Americans as just as human as Euro-Americans until "God's revelation" in 1978.

Skymall special

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Saw this in Skymall on my last plane ride. Figured they be trending soon.