Board says nothing wrong with serving hotel guests some sparkling wine when they check in

The Boston Licensing Board decided today that the Liberty Hotel did nothing wrong when it offered guests a complimentary flute of sparkling Spanish wine when they registered.

However, whether the hotel can resume the practice - interrupted Aug. 13, when Boston Police detectives issued a citation - might be up to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission, which pretty explicitly states on its Web site that hotels may not offer free alcohol to guests, except as part of a meal package.

At a hearing on Tueday, the hotel's lawyer argued that the state ban on free alcohol only referred to happy hours, banned since the days Michael Dukakis was governor, and that what the hotel was doing was hardly a happy hour.



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    Doesn't Louis Vuitton Copley

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    Doesn't Louis Vuitton Copley serve champagne to some customers as their purchases are being wrapped? Perhaps LV hasn't been busted because our $250K police officers are frequent flyers.

    La Perla would certainly be safe as well...

    Free wine

    Doesn't every art opening and open studio you've ever been to serve free wine?

    really now, what is it going

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    really now, what is it going to take to get some people who don't lose their entire minds the second the word 'alcohol' is mentioned into office? it literally makes me want to bang my head against a desk repeatedly every time i hear about something idiotic regarding alcohol. with all of the problems in the world, we're worried about whether someone paid for a glass of champagne!? come on, people.

    why can't they just include

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    why can't they just include "complimentary flute of champagne" in their amenities list?