Body found in Charles River

Stanley Stacos reports the body was found floating under the BU Bridge around 8:30 a.m.

UPDATE: The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports that while investigators are still trying to determine the identity of the body, it does not appear to be that of missing student Jonathan Dailey - the body was that of a middle-aged and bald man.



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    Hopefully not the missing

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    Hopefully not the missing grad student from Brighton. If so prayers to his family and friends. And if so, at what point does unexplained disappearances of 20 something male college/grad students who are found in bodies of water (harbor, Charles, reservoir) become a pattern worthy of some attention by a forensic specialist? (No disrespect intended to our local law enforcement)

    More than we're getting

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    Given the high population of young males, the number of water bodies, and how badly the two mix while under the influence of alcohol and/or mental issues which tend to pop up in that age range, unfortunately such findings are fairly predictable. To the point that the river and other bodies of water are one of the first places to look when someone goes missing.

    Sincerely hoping that isn't the case for the missing young man this time around...

    Hate to say it but

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    Over the past several years when a student or visitor goes missing mysteriously, they are usually found in the harbor or the river


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    My view and knowledge of most males discovered in the Charles is that they are primarily mentally ill or substance abusers, this I know well. We will see.

    However, according to press reports his parents were up the Blue Hills Reservation over the weekend. This leads me to other conclusions. First, why there if he left his residence at 9:30PM difficult to access without a vehicle at that time.

    Second, there are assorted characters and very iffy and sketchy people whom hang out there, and I believe not in the evening(mostly daytime hours) - for the cops ask you to go or else, generally. Why there?

    More to this story -------

    Missing...some completed sentences.

    I'm sorry, what?
    Are you trying to comment on the missing college student?
    Or on the body they just found in the river?

    If you're going to post theories, please put them in full sentences with proper tenses. Otherwise no idea I have had for you today you think? :crossed eyes:

    That river should be drained

    That river should be drained - it's a safety hazard, and keeps killing people. it would make a great greenway between Boston and Cambridge.

    Brownway maybe -

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    Haven't you heard what's at the bottom of the river? Yuuuukkk!

    Maybe we could just leave a little bit of water and they could call it the "Love Canal". Now where have I heard that before?

    We could build a giant

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    We could build a giant highway in place of the Charles!

    Why not just under?

    A bigger dig. This time with subway lines and bike lanes.

    Water bodies are natural highways themselves. The Charles has excess capacity for the traffic on it, so needs width converted to bike lanes and linear park as done in Cambridge. So what if bridges are crumbling! Still need some water for that rowing event.

    Just imagine all the people and whales we could save from drowning by draining the harbor.