Body pulled from Charles identified as missing grad student

Investigators have positively identified the body pulled out of the Charles River near the BU Bridge this morning as that of Jonathan Dailey, a Boston Architectural College student who went missing last week, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Confirmation came through his dental records, the DA's office says.

The facts and circumstances surrounding Mr. Dailey's death remain under investigation by State Police detectives assigned to the Suffolk DA's office. We rule out no possibility and we promise Mr. Dailey’s family a thorough, comprehensive search for the truth as we investigate his death.

The Globe reported this morning the body had been weighed down with chains and a cinder block.



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    I hope I'm not the only one severely disturbed by this story :(

    oh no

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    I was worried this was going to be the case. My heart (Yes folks I have one) goes out to the family and friends of this guy.

    I wonder what happened.

    Very Sad for All

    As is the retrieval of the other drowned person.

    Condolences to both of their families, the people who discovered them in the water, and the teams that took them from the water.

    My condolences to his loved ones

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    Now we be a great time to respect a family in grief and refrain from needless speculation. The facts will come out soon enough.

    What a scary story!

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    My condolences are with the friends and family of the deceased student, as well as the people who helped remove his body from the water.

    Here's hoping that the facts come out soon, and, if there's been foul play, the perpetrator(s) end up behind bars.

    There are a few

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    These stories every year about some young college student, and yet the shock never wears off. RIP to this young man, and a big please be careful to all of the other hundreds of thousands of students in the city.

    You beat me to it

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    Yeah, this post is all condolences and outrage, as it should be when a community member dies.

    But when it's a Black male, it's racist comments about neighborhoods and victim-blaming.

    Oh, come on...

    No one here rails about the injustice shown towards the "wrong" neighborhoods in this city more than me sometimes, but this is not an occasion for that.

    A young man is dead in a manner straight out of "Law and Order" and people want to drag race into it?

    Not this time, people.


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    It's a very sad event for something like this to happen, but i agree. It is what it is though...

    Chain-wrapped, cinder-block-weighted bodies always make the news

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    John Costello, you might generally have a point. In this particular case, however, this white body was found wrapped with chain, attached to a cinder block, and dropped into the Charles. Substitute black for white and it would still make the news.

    Tough Year for Students & Water

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    This is, what, the 3rd missing student in the area found in water this year? The other two appear to be accidental drownings, but a disturbing pattern. This one will be newsworthy for quite a while.

    Also not a student

    But there was the young guy who got separated from his friend after a Bruins game and was later found in the Charles. That was a couple of years ago, though.