Boston bars: The douchiest and the coolest

A list of the 25 douchiest bars in Boston has sparked an effort to find Boston's least douchiest bars.


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funny for the most part

Flipping through the "douchiest" selections was worth a chuckle or two. Although I couldn't figure out why they felt the need to include one non-boston bar ( i think it was only one) , located in Quincy.

Also I saw the term "Happy Hour" (I hope the author doesn't get arrested for that) and ads for Bud Light all over the website.....that was ironic.

Still, worth a look.

Likely written by non-locals

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The reviews were likely written by non-locals. I saw the term "Beantown" used as well.

whoa whoa whoa

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Excuse me there bro? Deep Ellum isn't a shade of douchey. Unless you consider douchey to mean delicious food and drink and cozy atmospher. If you'd like a bud lite TITS is just down the road.

I feel like I just got trolled.

Agree. No bar within sight of

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Agree. No bar within sight of the model could ever be considered a douchie bar; and no one in there right mind would ever consider Deep Ellum to be anything but a godsend in land of hipsters that is Allston.

Kim seems to be angry. She

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Kim seems to be angry. She seems angry at men, alcohol, and some natural drives. Douchie? I am not sure that the establishments are the problem.I think Kim would be happier in a Library, or maybe antique store.


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Probably not the case- those places are definitely douche-tastic. It is a pretty good list if you ask me. The ranking might be a little off, but the inclusion- pretty much right on.

I'd be in a mood, too

if I'd had to hang out in X number of bars to find 25 that fit the publication's mold (see 25 Douchiest Bars in Washington/ Philadelphia/ Chicago etc) and inspire some snark. I'd say Kim's doing her job like a trouper.

I won't read this "list"

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A real slide show won't require you to click to each slide. Sadly, lots of websites set them up this way. lives for this approach. It's all about metrics and page views, I guess, and to hell with UX considerations. Whatever happened to good ol' scrolling? To paraphrase Tufte on slides, it's one damn thing after another.


The last time I got dragged to the Sail Loft with co-workers, I walked out of there smelling of vinegar and water.