Boston Carnival still on

Over the past day, rumors have flooded Twitter that the city has canceled the Aug. 25 event because of recent violence, but Jacquelyn Goddard, spokesperson for the Boston Parks and Recreation Department said this afternoon: "The Boston Carnival has not been cancelled."



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    Are Flak Jackets Needed?

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    Just like you need earplugs for the Ancient and Honorables in June, Anti suburban teenage muttonhead spray for First Night, and vomit resistant shoes for St. Patrick's Day, bring your body armor this Sunday if you are along BHA post parade. Please, before you start, It is not a racial thing. It just seems like every year there is some sort of mayhem above the level of fisticuffs which swings towards knives and guns at this event. I know there isn't violence every year but nearly every year something happens here that makes the paper Monday morning that includes bloodletting.


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    I think as a precaution they should cancel the carnival this year.... The crime rate is out of control... Its very fresh and unsettling...

    Betting anyone?

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    What's the over/under on shootings or stabbings at that thing this year?

    carribean festival

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    I think the festival should be cancelled! I will not be no where near the carnival, It's too dangerous in the streets. After what has been going on around Boston lately you best believe everyone knows that you can run into a revenge situations.